Healthy Snacks for a sweet tooth?

Need help please...have a sweet tooth and need ideas on low fat / calorie ideas on how to satisfy this craving....


  • br3adman
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    Applesauce,cottage cheese and fruit or just eat two fig newtons 50 cal each.
  • HSMike2
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    I eat sweets/chocolate daily pretty much, have a big sweet tooth. I usually just buy a bag and then try to keep it to a handful a day.
  • Dex37
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    Chocolate chip FiberOne bar isn't too bad.
  • br3adman
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    If you like rasinets a 1/4 cup is around 180 calories. If you eat 10-15 peices a day you might get 1/4 a cup a week ;)
  • 2wise4u
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    I usually workout to make an extra caloric allowance for sweets since I have the worst sweet tooth ever. Sometimes I'll have a small ice cream cone, a few animal crackers or a rice crispy treat. They are all lower in calories and I get my fix. If I keep the moderately good sweets on hand, I won't be inclined to pig out too much. Fruit helps and I try not to allow myself to get too hungry because I'll definitely pig out. If I deny myself, It'll just be worse when I finally get to indulge.
  • 2wise4u
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    Skinny cow has some delicious desserts also. Maybe you could try those.
  • TeaBea
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    Are you looking to give up sweets forever? OR Just having a particularly bad day?

    I make room in my calories for something sweet every single day. This makes me prioritize, I know I can't have this, and that...and oh yeah some of that too. Managing sweets while I am trying to lose weight, will help me during maintenance.

    For me, nothing is going to satisfy a chocolate actual chocolate does. I keep Ghiradelli dark chocolate squares on hand for this purpose. They fit within my calorie allotment.

    I can give you a list of pat answers that won't really "satisfy" your craving: sugar free gum, sugar free popsicles (fudgesicles) sugar free puddings, fruit, hard candy, flavored tea.
  • beemerphile1
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    My favorite bed time snack is an Outshine Frozen Fruit bar. Only 70 calories, cold and crunchy.
  • velveteen7845
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    I have a massive sweet tooth but I used to eat way too much chocolate and I felt that Ineeded to cut chocolate or ice cream to once a week. What I do now is indulge with fruit every day. My favorites are strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and grapes.
  • _lyndseybrooke_
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    The bowl of ice cream with a brownie and some sugary cereal on top satisfies my sweet tooth and fits into my macros every single night. And that's real ice cream, not Arctic Zero or Skinny Cow (though I'll eat those too).

    If it fits into your calories/macros, eat it.
  • mpat81
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    Raisinets as mentioned above or Plum Sweets. Also plain dark chocolate in small amounts, I like to have a bag of the Ghirardelli chocolate chips on hand always. If you have the time, melt some and dip strawberries in it or stick them inside of raspberries. So good and very few calories.
  • louubelle16
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    Caramel rice cakes are one of my favourites, that or a yoghurt with some fruit. I also enjoy cottage cheese with pineapple or some baked fruit with honey (peaches are my current favourite). You can also grill pineapple and it tastes great.
  • wizzybeth
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  • mwyvr
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    Speaking as someone that once would plow through large (massively large) quantities of crappy candy at Halloween (kids are good for bringing home this stuff) I guess I qualify as having a "sweet tooth" but I'm not sure such a thing is something one is doomed to live with. I certainly would never do that now.

    Not buying the stuff which causes one to overdo things is a part of a good strategy IMO. It's not called "denying" oneself it's called being realistic if there is no willpower backing you up.

    As far as willpower, I've found that by logging or even pre-logging I can more easily rationalise choices; it's easy to look at the calories in candy / doughnut / hunk of bread and determine that, most of the time, I don't want to trade the quick hit from such sugary sources for something far more filling, substantial, and nutritious.

    It's not like we don't have tempting things around the house. About half the time there'll be a small quantity of good chocolate in our cupboard. My wife loves a small amount; she has always been fit even when I wasn't. Some days I have a square or two. Other days none.

    Yogurt and berries are sweet enough for me. I've even weaned myself (largely) off of flavoured yogurts as even plain vanilla often has quite a bit of sugar in it. I'd rather get those calories from fats and protein and now find that a good creamy plain Greek yogurt plus some fruit (blueberries most often) is all I need and lets me hit my macro and calorie objectives too.
  • tezibaby
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    I make sure I have something nice otherwise you will crave it, I just still to a Freddo or a
    Mini pack of Haribo x
  • Cocoa1020
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    Fiber one makes these 90 cal bars that are like a chocolate rice crispy treat. also jello makes a sugar free pudding snack 60 cals, 10g of carbs i added chia seeds to make it a little healthy ;P

    I drink a chocolate muscle milk shake daily to help me eat less. (it actually works 150 cals 16 grams of protein)
    you can always try making frozen pops :) i did it with vanilla and fruit once. pretty yummyyyyy
  • Mtomshaw
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    I love the Quaker popped rice cakes. They are not the old fashioned cardboard rice cakes. They have both savory like cheddar which tastes like cheese popcorn or sweet like carmel or chocolate. Usually 13 small cakes are only 110 calories.
  • theawill519
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    2wise4u wrote: »
    Skinny cow has some delicious desserts also. Maybe you could try those.

    This. I was really surprised at how good they are!
  • Kalikel
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    Berries! Especially frozen-thawed berries.

    They do it for me every time. :)
  • FitnessTrainer69
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    Cacao chocolate