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Hi everyone!!! Lost 40lbs so far

In August 2014 I weighed 210lbs with a 44 inch waist. Now I'm down to 170lbs with a 28inch waist. I'm having a hard time with weight fluctuations and meal plans. But work outs are easy part for me. I kick boxed for 6 years and had to stop due to a leg injury. Anyways I love working out. Can't wait to see like minded people.


  • MamaHokie
    MamaHokie Posts: 36 Member
    Congratulations on 40lbs! That's fantastic! I'm sorry about your leg injury. I love kickboxing too. I really enjoy being active. Feel free to add me if you'd like.
  • Winterlover123
    Winterlover123 Posts: 352 Member
    That is fantastic! Go you!
    I am an active support for my friends by liking and commenting on statuses and updates! If you are willing to do the same, please add me with a note about yourself. No I am not a coach or trying to sell anything:)
  • Ohwhynot
    Ohwhynot Posts: 356 Member
    Welcome and congrats on your loss!