where's everyone from and what do you do for a living



  • jessicarobinson00
    jessicarobinson00 Posts: 414 Member
    Eau Claire, WI and I work in Accounting.
  • schandler1011
    schandler1011 Posts: 83 Member
    New Hampshire, and my career is in banking, but my passion is in Nutritional Cleansing! I've always been interested in how nutrition affects the body so it is a good fit for me!
  • chandanders
    chandanders Posts: 51 Member
    I'm from Canada and work as an archaeologist :)
  • Prissilva
    Prissilva Posts: 7 Member
    I'm from Texas and I am a teacher enjoying my summer off. Yay please feel free to add me. Need some buddies to help me on this weight loss journey.
  • Oklahoma. Working full time in a Cancer Center as a receptionist but starting a new job as radiology billing at the end of the month :smile:
  • derek9964
    derek9964 Posts: 160 Member
    North east England and a swimming teacher
  • Kazzykinsj67
    Kazzykinsj67 Posts: 266 Member
    Hi I'm a medical secretary in a hospital.
    Kaz, Manchester, UK
  • stephownsyou
    stephownsyou Posts: 13 Member
    Stephanie, New York, analyst :)
  • Deafening_Silence
    Deafening_Silence Posts: 42 Member
    I'm in Phenix City, Alabama (Yes it is spelled that way)
    I am a scheduling coordinator for 10 doctors and 1 hearing specialist (Build their templates and etc)
  • king_deric
    king_deric Posts: 1 Member
    Columbus composite tech.
  • edithgillies
    edithgillies Posts: 2 Member
    I'm from Aberdeenshire, Scotland and I'm a medical receptionist
  • jackjasonsmith
    jackjasonsmith Posts: 5 Member
    NC and firefighter
  • kimbergranola
    kimbergranola Posts: 54 Member
    DC Metro area. I am an RN, BSN on a long sabbatacle.
  • AlanCragg
    AlanCragg Posts: 9 Member
    Gravesend, Kent, UK. Ex Chief Petty Officer in the Royal Navy, now a Building Services Consultant for a multi-national building consultancy.
  • merchantmarine
    merchantmarine Posts: 70 Member
    Nice to meet everyone !!!
  • clh72569
    clh72569 Posts: 280 Member
    I am from San Diego, California and I am a pharmacist.
  • SharpTeeth
    SharpTeeth Posts: 22 Member
    I'm from RI, but have lived in VA for ten years (off and on, work abroad a lot), and very soon to move to TX. A new frontier! Lost around 100 lbs through good treatment for PCOD and hypothyroid, as well as changing my lifestyle. Nice to meet you all :) I'm an English professor and working on my phd.
  • tinaolsson
    tinaolsson Posts: 109 Member
    I'm from Sweden, and I am currently looking for a job (in finance). :) Nice to meet you all!
  • 4theking
    4theking Posts: 1,196 Member
    My name is Jason and I like to party! lol Wow! Too much Hot Rod on the brain! Im from Indiana. I work with bacteria in a lab and I am a published author.
  • mplswhovian
    mplswhovian Posts: 15 Member
    Minneapolis, Systems Analyst for a retail company