I Would love to have motivation its hard to do it by myself


  • Lithy1812
    Lithy1812 Posts: 7 Member
    I have decided for every pound that I lose I will put a pound into a tin so I can do two things. One if I feel less motivated pick it up and see how much I have lost by the weight of it and two when I get to ideal weight open it up and treat myself
  • stevesample76
    stevesample76 Posts: 248 Member
    Its important to find a strong support system. Hopefully you have family and friends you can lean on that will support your journey. You can also find support through members here as well as online support groups.

    While you have to put in the work for yourself you certainly dont have to walk alone.
  • anapailate
    anapailate Posts: 4 Member
    Thankx guys yeah I do struggle sometimes when I try to do it myself, but when I have family like my bro and sis there not very supportive they do there own thing and I do mine its the same with my friends too but I just didn't get that much support to be motivated and I wanted to give up! But then I got this app and I'm liking this meeting new people and get motivation and support everyday I will do my best to reach my goal everyday!