Sitting Way Too Much On MFP!

Anyone else out there find that you're addicted to MFP to the point where you find you've been on here for hours at a stretch?

I think it'll probably wear off at some point, but I come in to log in breakfast and next thing ya know I'm in community perusing all the successes, welcoming newbies, passing on some encouragement etc. The hours pass and I AM SITTING the whole time!!!

I know it's counter-productive so today as soon as I post this I'm getting out of this chair and get busy with some kind of movement! (as I fight that urge to check in here). Not coming back in till tonight... I vow I'm gonna limit to an hour or less per day. I just love, love, love MFP and all the motivation on here!


  • Sweepypie
    Sweepypie Posts: 161 Member
    I used to be but, now I just log meals and exercises. I reply to my friends also! I think I get more support from MFP friends than I did with Weight Watchers.
  • tbbhealthanista
    tbbhealthanista Posts: 25 Member
    I definitely experienced that, especially when I was first starting my fitness journey. I wanted as much information as possible, but I do make sure I get my blogs in and check in with communities whether it's here or with my group challengers! But as a part time fitness coach that's part of my job! :)
  • arditarose
    arditarose Posts: 15,575 Member
    I'm on here a lot. It doesn't stop me from working out more than I should, because I can't train 24 hours per day anyway. I'm a musician though and I probably should practice more than I do...
  • LisaBatPSU
    LisaBatPSU Posts: 8 Member
    That's me right now! I'm new, too. I have a regimented exercise routine so I'm not worried about that. It is the other stuff I need to do!
  • eatgoodeat
    eatgoodeat Posts: 180 Member
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    Me too but my work is online, so it's been a nice accessory/distraction from to the monotony of everyday. Always something interesting going on :smiley:
  • noel2fit
    noel2fit Posts: 233 Member
    I'm new(ish) and do the same thing on work days! If you notice my diary is empty for weekends, but while I'm at work I can't help but check in often. It'll probably wear off eventually, but let the excitement drive while you can!
  • sineadt84
    sineadt84 Posts: 51 Member
    Haha that's me!! I'm totally addicted :) there are worse things :)
  • Somebody_Loved
    Somebody_Loved Posts: 498 Member
    I'm in the same boat, especially on workdays. Doesn't get in the way of my workouts but I'm sure it isn't helping with my productivity at work. I'm learning so much on the forums that it's sometimes hard to regulate how long I spend browsing!
  • kandell
    kandell Posts: 473 Member
    The majority of the time I spend on MFP is while I'm at work. I'll play around with my meals to sort of meal plan, glance through forums, whathaveyou. But I barely touch MFP aside from logging outside of work.
  • lseed87
    lseed87 Posts: 1,110 Member
    I mainly use the app. Come on and off to add in my food and see what everyone else has done and add what I've done.