Life of a Type 1

Today I am feeling better about the process. Physically, I am sore and tight from the run and row. I did a 5K color vibe, start time 9:15, finish time 9:39. I don't run, btw. Ha. It was a last minute free ticket offer from a friend who had to backout. Well, why not? YOLO. I also went kayaking later, because my husband who did not race and kept the kids so I COULD race was bored. I wanted to nap, but again, why not? I took note and was very grateful for the beauty of my lucky life as we were out on the water around the roots of the trees growing up out of the quiet waterway.

But, I've been in a funk lately. Back and forth with nutrition. I have such an edge with workouts when I eat clean and stay on track, but I've vacationed and well, ya know, gone off. I'd reached an amazing break through with my body (my lower half) that I was aiming for. My arms are small and toned, but my legs are more of the jLo/Beyonce build. I have to work hard to get them where they need to they are the first to flab, last to lose and tone area. point...I'd finally gotten to the point where I was comfortable walking around in bikini bathing suit bottoms (i live at the beach) with no cover up. And then, I screwed it all up in 5 days of vacation eating that added on 2 more-ish days of screw you eating.

Literally! I gained lbs and flab and cellulite and went right back to cover up. Yes, btw, this is entirely possible to do when you're Type 1. I have to inject insulin to survive. It's an unforgiving process when you eat off plan. Like I feel I have to be super human most of the time in order to get what I want, and I wanted to eat like everyone else on vacation at the time. Then I paid.

It's nice to be back to a good mental place atm. I've done lots of planning and motivational researching (going back to the basics) to undo it, recharge, and get my awesome butt back. My body beat me up a little this time. It was tired of the back and forth. It's been tight, and normally I am incredibly flexible and lose. It's not wanting to give, which i thi k has a lot to do with my mental state. I'm still working on it, but it's better and it's happening. Awesome butt in sight. Almost there. It usually takes a few days of good clean eating, high protein, and GOOD rest for my body to shift.

So I'm sore "butt" happy.

Hang in there! If I can you can!

188 to 152.6...the 140s is where I have awesome butt, and I'm coming, I'm coming

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  • Sunny_Bunny_
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    Congrats on all your success! You seem to have a positive attitude overall.
    My almost 21 year old daughter is T1D and struggling with learning how to live a healthy, complication free life. She was dx 2 years ago this month, right before her 19th birthday and 6 weeks before leaving for college. (Which had to be put off after 1 semester due to lack of control)
    I obviously did a lot of "telling her what to do" for a long time, which she felt was simply nagging. So I've tried to be more of an example instead and keep my advising more low key.
    Anyway, I just wanted to comment because I know the extra challenges you face and that many, like my daughter, use running high as a form of easy, but extremely unhealthy, weight loss (I suspect that's part of her issue). It's a real accomplishment to find success in healthy ways and remain in control, especially when so many things effect blood glucose day in and day out for T1D's.
    Even though my daughter has not gained the level of control she needs for a long, healthy life, yet, this year has been better than last. And her struggle along with everything we have learned about living a healthy T1D life has been a huge motivator for my own health. It really put into perspective that if I expect her to make healthy choices with her extra challenges, I should certainly do the same and I personally feel that I have no business complaining about any part of living healthy being too hard because by comparison, I have it pretty damn good with no health issues complicating matters. And I certainly don't want an unhealthy lifestyle being the cause of any issues either!
    Anyway, I thought you might like to know that your success in living a healthy life is something I find inspiration in. I'm very happy that you've gotten to a good mental place and wish you much continued success!
  • charpb
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    @Sunny_Bunny_ thank you for your response. My weight loss "success" came after staying at 188 lbs (I'm 5'8) for nearly 3 years after my last pregnancy. My son is now 7. My T1D body held onto weight and pregnancy hormones in spite of what I did. Finally, the scale started moving down by the tiniest of ounces at a time.

    It's a constant battle and process. I understand where you and your daughter are coming from, and love that you both love her enough to "nag," and step back. The T1D community is so few and far between. I found lots of strength finding online communities where I could read about and talk to T1D women (because of the additional hormonal issues we have) who actually got it. Thank you!
  • jamie_lee80
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    Hello! I am also a T1D, i'm 34 and was diagnosed at the age of 10. I've been in a weight loss battle my entire life. I was doing really well on here and then stopped seeing results and got discouraged. From February until now, I didn't lose any weight with sticking to 1500 cal a day and going to the gym 5x per week so I just took a month off. In that month, I have gained 15 lbs is a frustrating life to live but my diabetes control has improved greatly. I am on a pump which has helped me dramatically. Today is day 1 again for my excercise and diet regime, this time I am sticking to low carb, calorie counting and trying to add more strength training into my workouts. I really hope to see some results on the scale.
  • charpb
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    @jamie_lee80 True dat! It is FRUSTRATING how quickly we can regress. I so get it and applaud you for your DAY 1 back!! It sounds like you have a really great plan. Remember. takes longer for us. It just does. Trust the process, and be willing to see what does and doesn't work and tweak it. Weight / resistance training has made a big difference for me. I stopped the pump, I had too many technical difficulties and I have better control without it, but I ♡ my cgm!! Also, if you're doing resistance, weight training, which I highly recommend, the scale doesn't move alot at first. Take before pictures and measurements, though. And it will move, but I'm talking weeks! The scale moves very slowly if at all for me, but I lose inches EVERY week and my dress size is WAAAAY down.

    You go girl! Stay motivated with an action plan, and a what to do when life happens plan. Keep in touch! Support is where it's at!

  • alfiedn
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    I just wanted to let you know that I totally think you should make a group for type 1! I think you'd be a great group leader and I'm sure there are quite a few on here.

    I am impressed by you all!
  • emmalou25mk
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    Urgh, Type 1 right here aswell!

    Fricken hate diabetes! Desperately struggling to lose weight (at 232lbs at the moment, ouch :-/). And struggle with the mentality of wanting to eat normally and live a regular life, whilst being healthy and losing weight.
  • charpb
    charpb Posts: 21 Member
    a group would be great!
    Girl! I HEAR YA, emmalou25mk!
    Gotta count the blessings and find the positive. Weare lucky to have the opportunity to get really good at that? Hahah
  • wkwebby
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    There are definitely diabetes group forums on MFP. You just have to look them up. Good luck, everyone!
  • abatonfan
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    I'm another type one. Thank god for coffee -it's the only thing keeping me sane while I try to get my insulin dosages all solidified before my classes start up (I'm shooting for a goal of no more than 1 reading below 70 and 3 readings between 70-90 per week while still maintaining an average glucose between 115-120).
  • charpb
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    @abatonfan whoa! Impressive control there! I teach, so I hear ya with the summer pre -class goals. I try to stay btwn 70 and 140 since that's hormonally and metabolically where normal bodily processes can occur, but it's nearly impossible for me to maintain consistently, as a female with weekly shifts in hormones. Also, I don't eat the same thing or at thr sme time or workout at the sme time or in the same way..I schedule for me, I make sure I get me in there, but it's around my family and kids. I will say, as I gain more muscle, it's "easier," If that's even a word with T1D, to predict and see consistent responses.

    <clap, clap, bow> to you, Keep that awesomeness up!!
  • charpb
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    Life of a T1D where I am lucky to live, and the beauty that is every early morning. [pic] the awesome low cal, high protein, low carb waffle that's starting my day. [pic]

    Today is big and busy with extra work stuff/stress thrown in, so why not get up a little early and set those positive intentions??? I bet I enjoy every minute of today. :)

    ^^my post on instagram today, with pics of food and recipes. Charlannp on instagram, if ur interested.