The long hard road

I retired at age fifty seven. I weighed 287.5 lbs. I am 6'2" tall, but was way out of shape. I could barely walk. My BP was out of control. I had many joint issues, back, hips, etc. In a full face photo I had 2.5 chins and my ears were not visible.

Today I hiked my 10,000 th mile since 12-01-01!! I have gone to the gym three days a week and walked five days a week since that day. I also got this app. I used to keep a paper journal. But I love this app.

Over this time I gradually changed my eating habits too. I cut out a lot of salt, sugar, pastry, alcohol, bread etc. especially fast foods. The my fitness app has been very helpful with that too.

I went from 287.5 to 229.5 today. With good muscle tone. That's 58 lbs! Also I have stayed between 227 and 234 for the past three years.

I have kept three dogs healthy and happy and fit until they passed away from old age by taking them with me. I am now on my fourth dog. All but one were pound rescues.

My joints still ache, but that's life and I bet they ache less than they would had I not made the commitment to be as fit as I can be for life. zbomwx7uufgz.jpg