What's everyone's favourite exercise to do



  • boogiewookie
    boogiewookie Posts: 206 Member
    squats! squats! squats! squats squats!
    ok yeah...I love the effect they are having on my legs and butt. Plus its my strongest lift so I love seeing all that weight on the bar. I feel invincible :-)
  • rahulmehta08
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  • amwoidyla
    amwoidyla Posts: 257 Member
    Barbell hip thrusts! It's easily my heaviest lift, plus it builds that booty.
    For cardio...it's a tie between cycling and the stair stepper.
  • Beatprediabetes
    Beatprediabetes Posts: 6 Member
    Weight lifting ...down the pub.
  • Moriarty_697
    Moriarty_697 Posts: 226 Member
    Cycling in general. In particular, I love commuting and running errands by bike because it works exercise into my everyday life and is a heck of a lot of fun. Yesterday, I put in a 15 1/2 hour work day but still got an hour of exercise because I rode the bike to work and not the subway.
  • NightShiftMedic
    NightShiftMedic Posts: 59 Member
    Used to be deadlifts for me, but now they've stalled so I don't like them anymore :/ Now I like low bar squats. B)
  • kellyship17
    kellyship17 Posts: 112 Member
    Long distance running. I love how exhausted I feel afterwards and how much mental stamina it requires to run so far.
  • Hannah220190
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    geedeexx wrote: »
    whats your favourite exercise and why?

    At the moment: Glute Bridges, Single Leg Kettlebell Deadlifts & stuff leg deadlift! All very challenging & the after burn feels good!!!
  • jjsilcox96
    jjsilcox96 Posts: 63 Member
    Barbell over head press nothing like holding 235 overhead
  • hearthwood
    hearthwood Posts: 794 Member
    Hiking--I live in the mountains--so it works out great for me and it's a real calorie burner.
  • sardelsa
    sardelsa Posts: 9,812 Member
    Banded barbell hip thrusts and kickboxing
  • zaxx1953
    zaxx1953 Posts: 389 Member
    Right now I am digging light barbell squatting for perfect and low reps.
  • Rep4Him
    Rep4Him Posts: 50 Member
    Squats and dead lifts!
  • Meehaah
    Meehaah Posts: 1 Member

    And mixxed fit!
  • muziique
    muziique Posts: 82 Member
    Rowing! I never used to row but I took a class where they used rowing machines and I've been hooked ever since. I use the rowing machine at my gym regularly.
  • jessef593
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    Bodyweight dips or with weight and chains. I can feel it through my whole upper body.
  • atypicalsmith
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  • bigtrev418
    bigtrev418 Posts: 2 Member
    Weight lifting in general, for sure. Nothing like seeing the weight on the bar go up, and the muscles on the body get more defined.
  • Tamlyngo
    Tamlyngo Posts: 96 Member
    I'm obsessed with TRX! Installed it in my home gym over a year ago and it's my go to for strength AND cardio. Have a app that gives 30-60 min. workouts that really kick my butt.
  • ruthtruman
    ruthtruman Posts: 50 Member
    Walking and yoga and dance class and swimming. Since I got my Fitbit 52 days ago I've walked 260 miles and have lost almost 13 pounds. Since it's terribly hot in Phoenix in the summer, I've selected 7 local malls to walk at, one for each day of the week. I go early morning or at night when my husband is watching baseball and he doesn't miss me. My rules are to power walk, to never buy anything and to not eat any mall food. It's really been an energetic summer with all the mall walking (5 miles each day) plus yoga 3x a week, dance class once a week and a daily morning swim.