Currently 230 and Goal Is 165 - Looking For Tons Of Support Please



  • coreliferachel
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    Hi there, I'm a 225# with a gw of 150. Congrats on the weight loss thus far! Don't beat yourself about the 10#. Life happens. What matters is that you keep going! :)
  • rbratt06
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    Don't let the 10 lbs get you down! You can do it! I'm looking for encouragement and motivation, as well, so feel free to add me!

    CW: 212 lbs
    GW: 145 lbs
  • kenyainez
    kenyainez Posts: 222 Member
    Great job on the 30 lbs! What you did to lose it is what you can do to push forward. Reconnect with that and keep going. I'm here if you want more supportive friends
  • renairodgers
    renairodgers Posts: 1 Member
    Congrats on the 30# loss. I'm just starting and am currently at 212. Need help with motivation
  • Mom2my3girls
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  • Mom2my3girls
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  • Mom2my3girls
    Mom2my3girls Posts: 93 Member
    I need friends also. I'm looking to lose 60-80 lbs myself...
  • vatsyayani
    vatsyayani Posts: 6 Member
    I'm super new to mfp. I started with 205 pounds and I lost and gained back the 30 pounds. My final goal is 143. I need a lot of motivation and support. Do add me!
  • chessachanning
    chessachanning Posts: 11 Member
    I'm in there with you. 231 now goal is to loose 50-60. Trying to make small changes. Started zumba twice a week and fitbit.(13k steps a day) and trying to eat better. Oh and 80 oz of water a day.......please add I appreciate all the motivation and support!
  • upinthecosmos
    upinthecosmos Posts: 149 Member
    I'm in it! I'm walking more, love my FitBit, & trying to get the healthier eating to be more of a habit but I've got quite a bit to lose so feel free to add me... I'll definitely be here for the long haul:-)
  • bago08
    bago08 Posts: 360 Member
    Im looking to get down about 60 - 70. Im at 25 now. Im kind of happy because I cheated some while out with clients the other day and it made me feel bad. I actually craved getting back to the good food that have been making me feel good the past 60 days. Best of luck to everyone here.
  • rdtalon
    rdtalon Posts: 42 Member
    Looking forward to dieting with all of you! I haven't really been eating "healthier" but instead have been doing a lot of portion control and trying to do some Mall Walking. I'm shooting for about two to three hours of walking a week. I was doing running a few months ago, but started to get a lot of pain in my knees, so walking it is for now! Lost about 10 pounds so far.