Weekend struggles - I heart wine

I have a lot of trouble with my weekends. I am super good during the weekdays, lots of fresh heathly foods and gym but it comes to Friday and attitude changes. Biggest problem is the routine of having a wine when I get home from work on a friday which turns into a bottle, sometime even two and then usually take out thai food. Then the rest of the weekend, more wine and tasty high calorie brunches.

So posting here to keep my accountable for the weekend coming. Going to try my hardest to keep on track and not undo the good work I have done during the week.

Who is in the same boat? and what tactics do you use to stay on track?


  • bunnywestley81
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    Intermittent fasting 2 days a week, not eating exercise calories, sticking to calorie goal 3 days and taking a weekly average of calories rather than worry about day to day.
    Gives me wiggle room for whatever at the weekend.

    I also like wine :)
  • bunnywestley81
    bunnywestley81 Posts: 178 Member
    Sometimes I'll have another drink in a wine glass so the ritual is there. Or a spritzer.

    And I always pre prep food before opening the wine so its ready to cook. I hate waste so feel i have to cook. Helps avoid takeaways :)

    Maybe have a think about how you could have tasty brunches for less calories by swapping ingredients?

    Those are my handy hints. Good luck!!
  • clarelara24
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    I plan to do things on the Saturday and Sunday mornings like I volunteer for a local horse riding charity or plan something like going for a bike ride with a friend then it stops me drinking lots on the weekend. I'll still have a glass but knowing that I've got something on earlyish the next day stops me drinking as much. It works for me but might not work for everyone. Good luck!
  • Tamlyngo
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    My bedtime glass of wine (or two) 4-5 times a week is all I have left of a not so healthy lifestyle but I refuse to give it up. I just try to work around the extra couple hundred calories. I figure if I otherwise eat right and exercise, I've earned it!
    ( wine does have cardiovascular benefits as well, especially red.. I drink merlot ;)
  • sirna731
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    I love wine too but I only drink one or two glasses a month.
  • oh_happy_day
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    I'm right there with you. I love wine. Especially on a Friday night and through the weekend. I've been going without for over a month, but allowed it to creep back in last week (experimenting!). I've decided that it's just not feasible for me to drink regularly while I'm losing weight. My calorie allowance is sufficiently low that I'd really rather spend the calories on food. Plus as soon as I have a glass, my willpower dissipates and I start snacking. I'm allowing myself the occasional glass of wine when we're out, but no wine at home.
  • chatnel
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    Well this weekend was another write off. Thought if I only buy one bottle then that would be ok calorie wise, but no as when I ran out I started on beer. Time to go cold turkey for a bit just to get out of the habit.
  • leanlicorice
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    I share the same difficulty; if it is in the house, I will drink it. So I have had to rule with an iron fist and ban alcohol from the house and limit myself to one glass while out once per week.

    Re brunches, would you consider hosting at your house occasionally? It gives you better control over food and saves the piggy bank.
  • chatnel
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    Re brunches, would you consider hosting at your house occasionally? It gives you better control over food and saves the piggy bank.

    that's a good idea, as long as I have bacon I am happy
  • chatnel
    chatnel Posts: 688 Member
    I think the biggest problem is that I don't want to stop drinking wine as I really enjoy it and will feel deprived, lifes too short that whole mentality. But I guess at the end of the day it is just a habit and habits can be broken with willpower. Will try again this weekend.
  • dbanks80
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    That is me 100 percent! During week I eat very healthy and I don't drink but come Fri Sat and Sun it's all over! So I've decided to train for the half marathon next year. I did it in 2011 and that helped me to stay focused and on track! I've also decided to just have a couple glasses on Saturday only. I'll see how that goes.
  • edwardetr
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    Come home from work and eat some protein. See if that helps curb the craving. Then pour a splash of wine in some carbonated water (spritzer) and drink that. Or have a glass while doing something else that takes some concentration. For instance, I drink slower when reading.
  • fiddletime
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    Thanks for posting. I've had the same problem as you. Great during the week with food and exercise, then get a bottle of wine for the weekend, then feel like I've really been good this week so food A, B, or C is OK. I stopped drinking altogether for 3 years. Then let wine back in my life.

    Now, I won't buy any. I have learned to like Scotch, so will have an ounce or two. But I don't like it as much as wine. Just knowing I can have it if I want it keeps me from feeling deprived. I'm short and also really have to watch the alcohol calories. I really seem to fail at moderation in this area, so am just doing without and trying to remember that s good weekend doesn't mean I need to have a glass of wine. It can be fun without (and for 3 years I didn't miss alcohol at all and I want to get back there eventually).
  • briebee7
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    How about making a non-brunch type committment for the weekend mornings? i.e a hike with a friend, an exercise class etc. 1 - burn calories 1st thing in the morning 2 - May help not drink as much the night before if you know that you are committed to doing somethign active.
  • mckat08
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    Fellow wino here. I enjoy 2 or 3 glasses when I go out, I just know better than to keep extra bottles at home, where I might overindulge. Good luck.
  • mskanakana
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    Totally can relate!! The weekends are the toughest for me too. One of these weekends I'm going to try to eat a late bfast then dinner around 3pm so then I can just snack later that eve and (hopefully) have calories left over for wine/alcohol. Maybe that's a good idea? I'm sure someone out there has tried this, yes?
  • lithezebra
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    I have wine when I have enough people to split the bottle with.
  • jcorrea24
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    Wow, it makes me feel better knowing there are others out there like me....I do so well all week and 5:00 Friday hits and the bottle of red wine gets opened! I'm really trying to plan things that don't enable me to drink on Friday and Saturday nights but it's hard for me. I have no desire to drink the rest of the week but for some reason it's such a habit on Friday and Saturday!
  • soccerkon26
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    I used to binge on the weekends, which made me feel terrible. It also made starting the week back on the right foot even more difficult.

    Although it's hard, if you stay within your calorie goal on the weekend it gets MUCH easier.

    Plan out your weekends, whether that be making sure you eat less (or drink less wine), or you make time to get some extra exercise in to counteract it.
  • roryboureealis
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    TOTALLY can relate to this as well! I agree w/ what some other people said....its easier to control if you have some while out and not in the house. Also I find getting out of the habit for a few weeks at a time does really help control it as well. I tell myself its not forever, its just for a while to get back on track. and then I enjoy it more when I finally have it again too.