just getting started, looking for some help?

Hi I'm Anjelika ! I am currently at 340 pounds, I am wanting to start Lean Cuisine meals but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this?


  • FernandoAnjelika
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    Any help at all?
  • bigorangemichael
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    One thing to watch out with frozen dinners (even the Lean Cuisine line) is the amount of sodium in them. Yes, they may have fewer calories in them than other frozen meals, but that may come with upping the sodium.

    You may not want to eat frozen Lean Cuisines for every meal, but limit it to one per day. Then look for ways to have freshly prepared food at other meals and snacks.
  • dchavez411
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    A good snack that I have always enjoyed is almonds or a cheese stick.... For lunch I like the Michelina's meals, but I would agree not a good idea for every meal.
  • FernandoAnjelika
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    I personally opt for natural things .. If it wasn't raised from the ground or runs on 2 or four legs I don't often eat it lol (unless it's treat day) I prefer natural to man made like frozen meals and things that have loads of other additives, sugars , colouring etc but that's just my own preference. I hope you do well with your lean cuisine tho :)