Logging tips

Sebani Posts: 24 Member
Can someone tell me how they would "log" yogurt?

I own a food scale and can obviously weight the nuts I put in there but the yogurt portion is put in "cups" or by "mL".

My scale cannot convert those into grams which is the measurement it uses. Thanks!!


  • iwantmydenimback
    iwantmydenimback Posts: 194 Member
    search the database until you find an item that has the correct nutritional information and the serving size option you prefer. or, create your entry own using the needed details.
  • lynn_glenmont
    lynn_glenmont Posts: 10,017 Member
    The package label should list grams as well as cups in the nutrition label.
  • weightlosssweetspot
    weightlosssweetspot Posts: 16 Member
    Try scanning the bar code and the data base should find it for you. It usually comes up with 1 portion = 200 gr ( or similar) then I change this number to 1gr and if I'm having say 120gr of yogurt I change the following number to 120 serves. ie: 1gr x 120 serves = the calories (etc) for 120gr of yogurt. Hope that makes sense??