1 year Fitiversary

dayrae02 Posts: 28 Member
I made it! It was tough more days than not, but I made it! To help keep myself motivated, I put together some stats. I hope this helps anyone starting out to see what is possible in a years time. Do not give up, have a bad day and move on....but do not quit. Here goes...

SW: 280 pounds
CW: 211.2
Initial Goal: 180 pounds
Bodyweight % lost: 24.57%
Average loss per week: 1.3 pounds
Have logged all meals on My Fitness Pal for 365 days
Pants: 26/28W to a regular 20/18/16 (depending on brands)
Shirts: 3xl or 22/24W to XL/L
Undies: 12 to 9
Bras: 44 band to 40/38
Shoes: 9 to 8.5/8
Glasses had to get readjusted
Can no longer wear wedding rings
Had to move the car seat and readjust all the mirrors
Can cross my legs under my work desk
Can zip up my Nike winter boots from 2007 (could not quite zip the last .5 inch then…several inches in 2014)
February 2015 – could run for 2 minutes (4.2 mph max)
July 2015 – can run for 22 minutes (4.6 – 4.8 mph)
3 5k runs completed, also 1 virtual run, 2 more scheduled



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