What brand is your favorite sports bra for max support?

I don't know about you, but as a C cup, a good supporting sports bra can make a high impact workout much more enjoyable than when I have a poor supporting bra. I really like Champion's maximum support bras, but I was wondering if any of you ladies had other favorites.


  • omma_to_3
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    My favorite currently is Shock Absorber ultimate run bra. Also like Moving Comfort.
  • ElleBelleLiptak
    ElleBelleLiptak Posts: 21 Member
    As cliche as this sounds, I really like the Victoria's Secret ones. (VS Sport) They have great support, underwire etc., I actually wear them all the time haha!
  • kristydi
    kristydi Posts: 781 Member
    My current favorite is this Panache underwire. Best sports bra I've ever owned.
  • Fivefarthings
    Fivefarthings Posts: 33 Member
    Shock absorber. I'm a 34DD, I run and spin a lot, and they have never ever let me down, almost no boob bounce at all!
  • noel2fit
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    I LOVE Victoria's Secret sports bras (C cup as well). Normally $50 a pop, they're kind of outrageous, but the underwire and cute strappy support is awesome and never fails to hold keep the girls way up without painful bouncing while running. I suggest hitting the semi-annual sales with coupons! VS sends out $10 reward cards for birthdays (you can sign up every member of your household to the mailing list to get them more than once a year). Sometimes they have $15 off a bra cards that are good for sports bras as well.
  • lilmissmanx
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    Shock absorber run bra. Not always the prettiest but certainly does the job when i'm playing rugby!
  • amtru2015
    amtru2015 Posts: 179 Member
    Danskins makes a high impact one that I buy
  • Clarewho
    Clarewho Posts: 494 Member
    Another vote for shock absorber. I'm 34ff and they hardly move when I run or do anything high impact x
  • ruqayyahsmum
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    Shock absorber fan here too. Im a 36G i find them very comfortable
  • swirlybee
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    Another vote for Victoria's Secrets. They are surprisingly supportive and extremely comfortable.
  • VeryKatie
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    I'm super mad. The company that made mine just changed it to a front closure. I will never buy something that doesn't have multiple hooks for when it stretches out in a month or two. That's the Victoria Secret ones by the way. Completely ruined.
  • dinsfamily
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    I'm a DD and a runner so ultra support is a must! I love Moving Comfort bras or the Ta-Ta Tamer by Lululemon.
  • mbaker566
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    i love champion from target. 38Ds
  • HillOE
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    dinsfamily wrote: »
    I'm a DD and a runner so ultra support is a must! I love Moving Comfort bras or the Ta-Ta Tamer by Lululemon.

    I'm a C, and ditto this. Doesn't matter what cup size, a good supportive bra is important.

    I have heard good things about the VS bras from other ladies in my tri club, but haven't found/needed one I like yet.
  • Samgramm
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    Victoria's Secret. It's amazing. Well worth the money. It has an front clasp, then a separate outter zipper part.
  • jendiaz9732
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    I just double the sports bra, nothing fancy and that usually gives me great support at reasonable cost.
  • leggup
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    Champion Max Support are my shiz.
  • makeoverpm
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    If you're in the Uk, Marks and spencer high impact bras are great. I go down a cup size to ensure max support!
  • MakePeasNotWar
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    I wear the LuLulemon ta ta tamer as well. 34DD and I can jump rope no problem.
  • plaffo786
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    Tescos online f and f have a really good sorts bra only 20 euros