Lost over 40lbs and still going

So, this was me the beginning of 2014. I was 195 lbs and miserable. I couldn't believe how much I had let myself go. I was 22,5'5 and over 50 lbs overweight. I started to notice I wasn't able to go to the bathroom anymore and eating bread and heavy foods were causing me to bloat and get sick. I slowly but surely began to cut all non complex carbs out of my diet. I replaced bread with lettuce or quinoa. I stopped drinking my calories and started eating fish, veggies and eggs. I began to run all the time and even roller blade. u3vkqw4llv4v.jpg
Which would lead me to this. 175lbs. As I began to progress I wanted to work more. So I started p90x and come November I was much smaller.w6aeqgcptj4f.jpg. Now at this point I was resting at 160. I still have a lot left to shape. I recent began to weight lift. uy17ebria0nv.jpg
That was only 2 weeks ago. I began to squat and weight train. 2 days on 1 day off. For the first time ever I squatted over 100 lbs. I'm super excited and this is the latest pic of my progress. a8o0oymysyvu.jpg I'm still hoping to keep going. I look forward to getting learn. I began taking c4 for preworkout and I do replace one of my meals with herbalife shakes. I hope someone out there can relate and feels motivated to work for a healthier lifestyle. Trust me, once you start to feel that burn it's all you want to do. Thanks for all the encouragement over the last few years! Let's see how strong I can get now


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