Looking for an Accountability Partner

Sheila00000 Posts: 92 Member
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Anyone else looking for a daily accountability partner to keep us within our daily calorie limit?


  • msallycat108
    msallycat108 Posts: 17 Member
    Me! Mean only
  • perryleesmommy
    perryleesmommy Posts: 1 Member
    I would consider it!
  • thouser4241
    thouser4241 Posts: 9 Member
    I would love to have someone who I can discuss my goals, progress, lack thereof, etc. with. I joined a gym several months ago and my accountability partner decided it wasn't really for her. So, I'm on my own. I have started and stopped. Started and stopped. Not much support at home as well.
  • Juliann4k9
    Juliann4k9 Posts: 36 Member
    I would love a daily accountability partner. I have struggled with weight loss for years. Friend request me if interested.
  • jessyoeffler
    jessyoeffler Posts: 2 Member
    I really need this. I think having someone to help me would be a huge push for me!
  • steffirae76
    steffirae76 Posts: 54 Member
    You all are more than welcome to add me...I stay active on here faithfully! I have been on this journey for over ten years now..losing and gaining numerous times. My highest was 302 and now I am at 210, with more to lose. I just recently starting a new journey , NOT a diet but a healthy lifestyle and have lost 53lbs since March 2015.