1 year ago with 8 months work

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These pictures are exactly a year apart. August 10th 2014 and August 10th 2015. I did not start my weightloss journey till January 2015. Thanks to my fitbit, my fitness pal, nike trainer, and couch 2 5k I have gone from 209lbs to 172lbs. I feel so much better about myself and hope to never let myself go again. The most important thing that I did was change my relationship with food. Thanks to logging and watching the vitamins and macros I have come to understand food for it's nutrition and not it's comfort. It was not easy. I had a couple of months of stagnation, but it has been worth it and I am not done yet. Just lowered my goal weight from 150 to 140 and a deadline of January 2016. Wish me luck!