Anyone watching the meteor shower tonight?

And for those of you who don't know about it, now you do. :)

The meteor shower will be lasting from August 11-13 and is going to be most visible this morning around 6 and tomorrow night around 2-3. I had to come in for a little bit to warm up, but I was out there for like 40 minutes and I had already seen 14 "shooting stars" :)

At around 6 this morning it's supposed to really peak with 50-100 an hour. That's about 1-2 per minute (obviously)

And that's alot. I've seen a lot of really bright ones with tails that last a few seconds after the meteor is gone. So neat. :)


  • benjib84
    benjib84 Posts: 125
    Im hoping to though its going to be after midnight for me - prob fall asleep!
  • DancingGyurl
    DancingGyurl Posts: 16 Member
    I wanted to see it. But after 45 minutes, I still haven't seen a thing :S
  • ScatteredThoughts
    ScatteredThoughts Posts: 3,570 Member
    Yes! My son and I watched before bedtime, and again starting around 2:30ish am. There were some bright ones which looked pretty cool. We'll be watching again for the next night.
  • amyjax
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    The Perseid shower happens every year and is visible globally - as long as you're not under a blanket of cloud. They start being visible at around 11pm, but are brightest during the wee small hours before dawn, anything from 3am onwards.

  • grrrlface
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    I'll be looking out. :)
  • PurringMyrrh
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    Perseids going on right now for US peeps (well, probably not east coast now). Here on the west coast it should be peaking in about two hours, but heard there has been some decent ones so far. Gonna drive up to the big open area and lay in the middle of the quiet country road in about half an hour to see what's up. There's potential to see quite a few per minute at the peak and it's been a nice show the last few times around. Cool even if you have 30 minutes or so to chill outside and take a peek.

  • icck
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    It has been far too cloudy here, we haven't been able to see a thing. :(