Scared of moving to week 5 C25K

i have completed week four now, quite reasonably but the thought of week 5 is very scary due to the jump in running times, apart from resting, drinking plenty of water and staying indoors on the treadmill instead of going outside, what else can I do? Don't want to fail


  • maggiemay530
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    How great you've made it to week 5! I checked out the c25k and it was not for me at this point due to respiratory issues, so I walk and walk in hopes that I will get where you are (I'm 61)... I don't know enough really about the program but do know if there's something scary up ahead we just have to do it afraid.

    If you should find you're unable to complete the prescribed running time, can you simply stay in week 5 'till you get it accomplished and then move on? Absolutely give this your best shot and plan on succeeding but don't see it as failure if for whatever reason you should miss your mark... Be tough on yourself while being good to yourself too! Best to you and congratulations in advance because I know you'll get this!!!

  • msf74
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    Just do it.

    You'll be fine. What's the worst that can happen? You'll have to stop for a bit...
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    joolieb1 wrote: »
    apart from resting, drinking plenty of water and staying indoors on the treadmill instead of going outside, what else can I do? Don't want to fail

    Go run. It isn't a pass/fail test

  • louubelle16
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    Go and give it a go! If you can't quite do it yet, then try again next week, and keep trying until you do. The sense of achievement at the end will greatly outweigh any smaller feelings of failure you may have to endure, I promise!
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    Good for you. I'm finishing week 3 today. Just go slow and if you can't do it this week rinse and repeat until you can. Don't get discouraged if you don't make it the first time. A lot of people have to repeat weeks. Not everyone progresses at the same pace
  • icck
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    It's not uncommon for people to stay on the same week for a while, or even go back a couple, until they feel comfortable with progressing. Just go for it, give it a try, and there's no shame in needing to take a bit more time. :)
  • malcolmjcooper
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    If you can do week 4 you can do week 5. The body can do it it's just your mind that's telling you that you can't Just go for it :)
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    Just take it slow and you'll be fine. :) Good luck! :flowerforyou:
  • lindsayraync
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    I found week 5 to be the toughest in the C25K program but once I made it through I knew I could go all the way. But I was prepared to repeat the week if I didn't feel I could make the times. I am on the 10K trainer now and I have repeated each week twice so far. You just have to go at your own pace. There is no failing in these programs. I personally think they advance the time way to quickly and for some of us repeating a week is important so that you don't injure yourself.
  • joolieb1
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    Thanks everyone! I am unsure about running for 20 minutes on week 5 but feel ready for day1 which is 3 x 5 minute runs. I will do day 1 and then decide. Repeating a week is better than having to stop due to an injury though. After week 4, my knees are stiff and have an ache in my thigh too so good I have 2 days to rest so will see how I feel after my Monday day 1, week 5 run
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    Hey there. I'm about to start week 5 as well. I feel good about the first and second days, just a bit concerned about the 20 minute run. The plan has worked well for me so far, so my plan is to keep trusting it. I will just go slowly and repeat a day if I cannot finish it properly the first time.

    Good luck!!
  • emiliebecause
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    Go slow and repeat a million times if you have to! I have been plugging away at the program since February and just completed week 5 day 3 this evening!! 20 minutes non-stop!!! It's a real thrill and I feel totally in a groove now. Keep at it. A try is never ever a waste.
  • emiliebecause
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    Also for soreness--I just use a rolling pin on my calves and thighs after my run and boy does it help with that stiff feeling. I would also suggest looking up leg/calf/thigh yoga stretches on youtube and learning some to do after your run when your muscles are nice and warmed.
  • joolieb1
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    Wow you did it, well done! Week 5 seems a turning point into running longer, if I can do it, my foot will b on the ladder LOL! Day 1 is my focus right now, I know I did 2 x 5 mins on week 4, so can do 3 x 5 mins! Taking exTra rest with 2 days off over weekend and no sneaky bike riding! If my legs seem ok after Monday I will go for it. Amazed at how challenging a 5 minute run/slow run can b!!