Hypothyroidism... :-(

I'm 28yrs and have 3 small children under 4yrs old. I work out and try to eat healthy without starving myself. My medicine isn't quite the right amount so it's a big battle. I am 5'8" and 100kg/220lbs. This weight just seems to stick around. Any others with this problem?


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    I have Hashimoto's (autoimmune thyroid disease). Thyroid meds (in my case, Synthroid & Cytomel) reduce the fatigue so I can be more active. But I still kept gaining until I learned to log everything I eat & drink accurately & honestly. Logging works.

    I lost the weight long before my thyroid levels ever entered the "normal" range by following the advice in the Sexypants post: https://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/1080242/a-guide-to-get-you-started-on-your-path-to-sexypants/p1
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    Hi, I have radioactive iodine induced hypothyroidism, which I take thyroxine for. I had to drop my calorie intake to around 1000 before I could lose weight but I have lost 17 kilos so far on mainly low carb diet which helps me to feel fuller for longer, now I have just dropped added sugar from my diet. I was concerned about lowering my calorie intake that much because I get a warning when I finish logging but I spoke to my doctor and he said just to keep my fluid intake up to help prevent kidney problems. Talk to your doctor about a solution.
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    There is a group here on MFP for those with thyroid issues:


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    Hello there!! Looks like I'm not alone in the world of thyroid (Hashimoto). I could use new friends and support on here if interested. As of right now things are going well with how I feel and weightloss.