Binge... Self Destruction

Hi! I am a little distraught and upset. Today, after two weeks of not cheating I blew it, and not just a little bit, but a lot. It was a little bingey looking. I have gained about five pounds in three days, and I've been eating more, but I'm still under my calorie goal for the day, but today I blew it. I'm very disappointed and frustrated in myself and I am worried I can't get back on track tomorrow.
Do you have any advice, quotes, or encouragement?
Please remind me that this weight gain is temporary ;)


  • arditarose
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    You gained some water weight. It's okay. Just get back at it tomorrow. Try to log your binge if you can...I find it calms me and makes me accountable.

    Also remember that your binge may have taken you from a deficit to slightly above maintenance ONE day out of the week-at the end of the week you may still be in some sort of a deficit.

    And remember to try to fit in foods you love which can help prevent the binges.
  • Timshel_
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    Do you have any advice, quotes, or encouragement?

    I lost 5.3 pounds last night playing two hours of tennis.
    Within any given week I can fluctuate up to 7 pounds.
    What matters is being consistent as often as possible, over a LONG duration of time!

    You will have lapses. Almost EVERYONE has lapses. What this is all about though is training yourself to recognize and correct those lapses quicker. So in the beginning you might binge and get of track for a week or month. Or maybe you completely fall off for more time. come back to it! It is all part of retraining your attitude and habits. The more your do it, and the longer you do it, the quicker the recovery. You finally find a way to enjoy life AND stay healthy.

    Just keep plugging away and don't be so hard on yourself. I suspect like most of us, you didn't get out of shape over a couple months, you can expect to all of a sudden be the perfect vision of healthy. Just like learning to drive or playing violin, or anything! You learn and master it over time!

    All the best.
  • Sheseeksstrength
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    Thank you all for the help! I'm very thankful because all the extra protein and carbs I ingested allowed me to kill a cardio workout this morning!!
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    Is your "diet" too restrictive/aggressive?
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    I've heard of people having successes killing binges by saying before each bite "Even though I'm not hungry, I am going to eat this anyway." This helps bring mindfulness back.

    Here's some tips from the MFP blog:

    Also try yoga:

    How Yoga Can Help End Binge Eating

    One breath at a time, end the suffering of binge-eating

    ...According to Juliano, yoga gives people the skills to stay with what they are feeling, rather than turning to food to escape. People who are obese or suffering from eating disorders have a tendency to dissociate from their bodies -- to choose not to feel what they are feeling when they are angry, anxious, or sad. Often, they turn to food to numb themselves. "There's this sense that I have to feel better right now, " Juliano says. "There is a complete intolerance of what is happening right now." This need to escape unpleasant feelings triggers a binge.

    When you eat to escape what you are feeling, you lose touch with the experience of eating, as well. This is one reason binges can spiral out of control. "You have no understanding that you are full, way past full, into uncomfortable, because you're so out of it," Juliano explains. "You have no connection to what you're eating. You're eating a pint of ice cream and can't even taste it. Or you go to make yourself some toast and before you know it, half the loaf is gone."

    Mindful yoga directly challenges the habit of dissociating from your body and your present-moment experience. "The whole point of yoga is to stay connected to your body. You learn it through practice, through breathing, and through breathing through the sensations."

    Read more:

  • kelieghjane
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    I have a problem with bingeing I'm finding logging it is helping. I'm also learning not to feel guilty about it I just move on.
  • Bshmerlie
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    We all do it. No biggie move on. If you are doing this because you diet is too restrictive ease up on it a little bit to make it easier on yourself. Remember slow weight loss is better than chucking it out the window and giving up because you went too extreme. You should do it at a pace that is relatively easy for you that way you'll have no problem staying with it.
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    I had a day like this on Sunday. I have been dieting since April and it has been consistently going well but the last four weeks have been a struggle and I just got fed up and tired, and ate more than I should have, (stuff I knew I shouldn't have been having). I felt really bad when I went to bed, but got back on the wagon the next day and entered most, not all, of the stuff I had eaten into my diary over the next couple of days. I then ate a little less those days and whilst it wasn't spot on, I felt happier that I was making the adjustment somehow. Bizarrely I then lost 3 lbs.