for women with endo/PCOS

I just joined up, again. I used MFP mostly to track what I ate a few years ago. That fell by the wayside. When I used MFP in the past, I was slightly overweight and didn't gain. After I stopped using it, I also stopped being conscientious of the food I was putting in my mouth and the weight crept on to where, now, I'm categorized as (and definitely feel) overweight with a BMI of 28.

I've struggled with getting back into shape and to a healthy weight in the last 2 years. A few weeks ago I had a wake up call. I had a lap done where they found mild endo and some symptoms of (increased risk of getting) PCOS and type 2 diabetes. For my age and weight, that is uncommon. I can thank some genetics for that but I know weight, eating habits, and exercise affect those diseases, at least for type 2 diabetes.

I spoke with the doctor and she said eating and exercise habits influence both endo and PCOS also. Though I wasn't eating terribly before, I've decided to go to a fruit, vegetables, whole grain lifestyle. I haven't had any refined sugar and don't eat processed food. Everything is as fresh and hormone-free as I can get it (I don't have the spending money to buy all organic but I buy it when I can). My husband is liking all the home cooked meals and new recipes I've tried out too so that's a good thing.

Are there any women out there who changed their diet and exercise habits and see a change in symptoms or progression of endo or PCOS? If you'd rather message me than post, feel free to send me a message. While it's much too early for me to see a difference with the endo/PCOS, my body feels better running on mostly water, natural sugars, and vegetables. I'm going to keep eating this way because of that but I'm curious if there is anyone who has had success with managing these diseases in a natural way.


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    I also just started up again. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 6 months ago and my husband and I want to conceive but I want to try to manage my symptoms naturally through diet exercise and supplements before I take any medications. But the doctor told me it can take up to 3 months to see any drastic changes in the hormone levels. I wish you luck on your journey!
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    I don't think that my exercise and diet habits had any effect on my endo. I'd been active since I was a kid, doing sports, dancing, hiking, biking, skiing, tennis, and that didn't stop me from having endo. I tried a variety of diets, organic food, dairy free, no effect at all. I got pretty good relief from taking the pill continuously, until that stopped working, and then I had a hysterectomy. Within a week I could sneeze or cough without having stabbing abdominal pain, for the first time in years.
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    I have pcos, its so frustrating! I noticed weight loss when I cut down on sugar. I only eat fruit every other day but fill up on my vegetables and grains. I don't eat much meat either so I depend on protein shakes mostly :(
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    Doc always suspected pcos for me, especially when I couldn't conceive. But he always said that my body didn't match the usual type (overweight and top heavy--at that time I was very small). FFWD 20 years. I definitely have to fight to not be overweight now, especially in the tummy. And now I gain weight in the breasts too. Evidently tummy and breast weight gain is common for pcos.

    I have maintained a healthy weight now for 4 years (although I have gained some of my initial loss back.) It feels like I have to work harder and eat less than others, but maybe that is just my perception. I hear that lower sugar is definitely better. But I don't seem to be able to do that for the long haul, lol.

    Having a normal weight definitely helped regulate my cycle, though! (Now I am perimenopausal, so all bets are off!)
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    I had endometriosis, a little bit in my cervix.

    I hope this is not too disappointing but for the year or two before I had a hysterectomy (uterus and cervix gone, overies still in) I used MFP and ate healthier. I can definitely say that diet and exercise had no effect whatsoever on my endometriosis.

    Edit: I should add that I have healthy ovaries, which produce hormones of a pretty normal level, and I am about 1m 70cm tall, and have always hovered around the 60kg mark since my teens. I'm 29 now and had my hysterectomy in April of this year (4 months ago).
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    Endometriosis from age 24 and had a few thick hairs at that time. At age 53? I had to have excess hair removed from my face by stringing where they twist string across your face and rip the hairs out. Yes from that divit between your lips and the corners. Very effective but hurt like hell. Since I've ben on the 1600 calorie and 135 carbs a day diet and not exceed it, my excess hair went away.