Addicted to Sweets! HELP!



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    Ask yourself why you're eating it? Is it out of habit e.g I always have a cookie when I watch my favourite TV show? Or, is it an emotional reason? Before I change jobs I was always eating sweets because I was so miserable there. If you can identify the triggers then it can make it easier to make changes and create new healthier habits.
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    My spare tire keeps growing! I've started a daily exercise routine--Zumba Gold and strength training, however, my sweet tooth kicks in and I break my diet by eating cookies, candy, etc. I know I should keep all of those sweets out of sight, but that is so much easier said than done. Any ideas?

    I read in the newspaper that some research found that playobg Tetris helps dealing with all types of cravings.
    So if you have an urge coming up, take your smartphone and play a few minutes of Tetris. Good chance your forgot about your craving.

    If you want to bring your diet to another level, you can ban sugars for a few weeks. But I would advise you to do this under professional supervision. Keeping your insulin - sugar spikes under control will reduce cravings.

    But definitely try the Tetris. It's fun!
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    Or better still, go for a walk. That way if you *do* cave, at least you've earned a few extra calories through exercise. ;)
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    I keep splenda in the pantry and do green tea throughout the day. Kicks any sweet craving, hydrates you and helps you feel full til your next meal. Hope it helps. :)