64.4 pounds in 120 days



  • audreydgreen
    audreydgreen Posts: 42 Member
    shows what determination and dedication can do, awesome job!, now stay focus and motivated to maintain it
  • hamminit
    hamminit Posts: 184 Member
    awesome job! congrats :)
  • Way to go... you look amazing!!! :smile:
  • Zephalia
    Zephalia Posts: 79 Member
    You look incredible! Fantastic job and just look at that confidence!
  • JustChristy79
    JustChristy79 Posts: 156 Member
    Whoa! That's amazing! You should be really proud. Great job!
  • ms_smartypants
    ms_smartypants Posts: 8,279 Member
    What an amazing transformation !! Congrats :) Well done sir ...I am proud of you
  • dpaden25
    dpaden25 Posts: 99 Member
    You look Amazing !
  • foofoobooboo
    foofoobooboo Posts: 15 Member
    Incredible, well done :)
  • benl324
    benl324 Posts: 19 Member
    I cannot thank all of you enough! I hope that you each get/have the support you need to help stay on the healthy track and if you need additional support, I'm always here to encourage!

    Y'all are tremendous, I hope each and every one of you reach your personal goals!
  • Crochet180
    Crochet180 Posts: 57 Member
    That grin says it all. Well done fella.