150 lbs to lose, depressed and not sure how to begin! Any help appreciated!

I don't know how I let myself get to 300 pounds. I'm beyond depressed. I'm going to give this a try and see because nothing is working. I would love to start some exercise, too, but a past foot injury (and my current weight) makes even walking a challenge. Tears are streaming down my face as I write and I'm praying I'm not alone. Would so love some help and support on this journey. (Nothing like introducing yourself as Debbie Downer, huh?) I have considered surgery but with my health, it scares me -- high bp, diabetes, high cholesterol, you know, all the biggies. Any words of wisdom?


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    Welcome. I don't think any of us know how we let our weight get away from us. There is hope and I am living proof. 15 months ago I was 301 and could not walk up my own driveway. I was borderline diabetic, borderline high BP, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and more. At age 59, I was convinced that it was impossible for my body to lose weight. I began working with a personal trainer who told me about this site. As of this week, I've lost 105 pounds with about 45 left to go. My original fitness goal was to walk 1 mile without stopping within one year. I had accomplished that within a couple of months. In the past year, I've walked 3 5K events and one 10K, each with better times (pace) and no stopping (except the very first event).

    Read everything on this site, especially the sticky notes at the top of each forum that explain how to use the site and how to log your food. Start by logging your food per the suggestions here. Gradually make changes, focusing on the ones you can sustain long term. Read the Success Stories forum. Lots of good ones. Lots of people have lost A LOT of weight, even more than 150 pounds.

    Then start moving. Whatever you can do. Some people will tell you that you don't need to exercise to lose weight, but it will help, and you do need to exercise for the sake of your fitness and health. Just start where you can, no matter how little it is, and progress from there. Look for low impact, low weight bearing exercises such as anything in the pool, or an elliptical machine or treadmill, chair exercises while sitting, and so on.

    Add me as a friend if you like - just click on my name and "Add Friend".

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    every positive change you make will make a difference.

    You may not see the effects of those changes now, or next month... they may not happen as fast as you want them to happen... but make changes.

    The first response on this thread is a great one. It really is. Read the stickied threads.

    But if you find yourself overwhelmed then take it really simple to start.

    Start logging your food. Honestly.
    Buy a weigh scale and measuring cups. Use them.
    Log every bite, every snack, every nibble.
    Not only foods, but drinks, dips, sauces, that sort of thing. (Oh BOY do the sauces kill my calories).

    Log them as you eat them... not at the end of the day. You'll forget what you had.

    Just by LOGGING, I am pretty sure that you'll start to see where some areas are that you can improve.

    Log a normal eating week. Maybe even two. Just to see what your regular food intake is.

    Then decrease it by a bit every day. Because your weight is higher, you can afford a bit more of a calorie reduction.. try decreasing your daily consumption by 300 calories.

    Other suggestions...
    if you have multiple portions, try eating half a portion less than what you normally do.
    Instead of a full size plate, try using a smaller salad size plate. Still allow multiple helpings.


    Take your time. Give yourself grace. Allow yourself to fall, but get back up.

    You CAN do this!
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    Awesome job @lorrpb !! I haven't lost as much as you, about 26 lbs, but I am getting the hang of all this at day 136 of logging in this site. This is a great site @lodojo , just take steps you know you can accomplish every day. When I first started I just logged everything...tried to drink 8 glasses of liquid a day, and moved my body doing something everyday. Look at each day as a victory, not the long journey you shall go on. Look at this as just a tool to help you.
    write out goals you wish to accomplish this month. Ones that you can achieve realistically. Currently my goals for Sept are:
    -logging in 1100 to 1200 calories a day.
    -drinking 88 to 94 oz of liquids a day
    -have fun with the chopping, the preparation of my foods. That is what will change my eating habits.
    -go to sleep at 9 to 10pm nightly, and at the same time as my husband does.
    -hug daily
    -remember that losing weight isn't the key to happiness. That happiness is the key to losing weight. Enjoy the process of re-inventing YOU.
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    Hey there!
    I just want to encourage you to take it one day at a time, one meal at a time, and one workout at a time. Give yourself grace and time to make the changes and focus on things you are doing that are positive. Simply by making the decision to be here is a positive mindset. Remember everytime you choose a healthy option, to be active, or read something positive it is helping you. And I would surround yourself with positive support (like this community). You have great suggestions in the previous comments but definitely add me as apart of your positive support crew!
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    I have a dryease board in my kitchen so when I am preparing stuff I can just jot down what my creations are.

    I have sayings of support throughout my apt. Those will change my way of thinking and modivate me. (If you need some just holler)

    Change your Mind
    Change your body.

    Do what you mean....and mean what you say.
    (love this one, because I don't want to be all talk with my journey...I want my actions to speak for itself.)

    I have also joined a support group with weightloss called TOPS. (stands for Take Off Pounds Sensibly) Its a world wide group and yearly dues are about $35 with monthly dues about $3. For me its 35 ladies that support me weekly. We have offical weigh-ins and contests to modivate us. Each are doing their own eating style, but there are food guidelines if you don't know how to start. Having a "cheering squad" is always good. Previously I tried to eat healthy alone, without telling family or friends. I am done doing that. Celebrate your new way of doing things, and tell everyone you know. My TOPS group of ladies (also men but we don't have any in our group presently) meet a couple of mornings and walk as well. Nice place to vent.
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    Again, the waterworks
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    aw crying is a good thing....it means you are respecting yourself and putting yourself FIRST.
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    This is a thread that I post daily on. Its a group of about 80 ladies all supporting each other, talking about their daily struggles, and venting. They took me in a couple of months ago and its nice to check in with them daily. When you click on that upper page I posted, just highlight the star to the right of the title of the thread. It should turn yellow. Then you can find it easier every day. ((((hugs))))) Becca
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    I don't know if this will help... but there's an MFP fitspiration thread that I started up a while ago... it is motivation created by people here. No airbrushing. Just story pics and quotes and feelings of people who have had varying levels of success.


    Some are in progress, some have met their goals. Some have beaten crazy odds.
    If you ever feel down, they can sometimes help lift you up.

    Sorry for the broken images - many of the links broke along the way and one of my projects will be to clean it up! :-D
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    You've certainly come to the right place! YOU CAN DO THIS!! I, like you, weighed 300 pounds a year ago. But I made small changes which became consistent eating & exercise habits over time (you can do this too) and I've eliminated 115 pounds. I'm just over 2/3rds of the way to my final goal. If I can do it, I KNOW you can do it too! Feel free to PM me and/or add me as a friend.
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    Just start logging what you're eating and then gradually reduce your calories until you start losing. Or pick a reasonable weight loss goal (at your stats you could start with 2lbs a week if you wish) and see how it works. Make sure to eat back exercise calories, though most estimates are high so start eating back maybe 50%. Don't make too many drastic changes. Get in the habit of logging and staying under your calories and then gradually working on eating healthier or watching your macros and other nutrients if you wish. Focus on making changes you can live with forever, there's no point giving something up if you're planning to go back to it once you hit goal. Just learn to fit it in in moderation as you lose.

    You can add me if you like. I lost 140lbs and have successfully kept it off for a little over a year now.
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    @Azurite27 Congrats on your success!!! *mentally doing a cartwheel in my head for you* heehee... Its amazing how small changes can snowball into such positive ones!
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    Annr wrote: »
    Its amazing how small changes can snowball into such positive ones!

    So true! Have a good cry, but tomorrow, take one small step towards something positive towards your goal. Celebrate the small successes.

    "Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand.” Zechariah 4:10 :smiley:
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    Welcome! I understand what you are feeling and I know that you can be successful ☺ Feel free to add me I am happy to help support you
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    Y'all are so awesome! You have touched my heart. It's an overwhelming thing to feel utterly alone. My load is lifted because I now know I'm not!!!
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    This has been the hardest thing for me to overcome and every single day is a struggle. However you can overcome it, I have lost 33 pound and 22 inches. I was at my all time high almost reaching 400 pounds, something had to change, I turned to this app and a membership to a local gym. I love the support I get from the members in here, I have never has anyone say anything negative or nasty, in fact when I have a bad day and I post about it I get nothing but encouragement from the friends I've made in here. You can *kitten* me if you would like another friend :-) you got this!
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    Sorry you are in tears.
    Weigh, measure, log. Everything you eat/drink.
    Food scale a must.
    Set small goals for yourself. It really helps !
    And always remember. Not everyday will be perfect.
    Just get back on track the next day.
    I have been on MFP for two years now.
    It works !
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    I am also new and feeling very apprehensive as you are. But we need to do this. I just started working out again and I as m feeling so much better but my fear is weighing myself. So if we keep talking to each other and express our good days,and bad we will accomplish our goals. Let's pat ourselves I'm the back for today!
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    Congratulations for taking the first step! It's the hardest one of all :) I always suggest to my clients to start with positive affirmations. Every morning wake up and say "I can do this. I am fit and healthy. I make the best choices for my body" 10 times in the mirror and really mean it! It's hard at first but you'll get used to it. Then when you're confronted with cravings and urges to make the wrong decisions do the same affirmations 10 times. You'll be suprpised how much it helps!
    Also write your goals. So end goal 1 is 150 pounds.. but then break that into monthly weight goals and fortnightly weight goals and then weekly weight goals!!
    Then break those goals into action goals (what you will actually do to achieve those goals. eg. walk 10 mins a day (to start), drink 2L water daily, eat 5 serves veggies daily.) Then once you get more confident you can increase those goals to more challenging things. But start small :)
    Feel free to add me as a friend and message me if you need any more help! Good luck!!
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    One of my favorite quotes:
    "Losing weight is hard.
    Maintaining weight is hard.
    Staying overweight is hard.
    Choose your hard."