Need a show to binge on...while exercising!

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I am a person that needs music or something to pass the time while working out. I like to watch shows while on the treadmill. I am currently doing the C25K, so I need a good show that is about 30 mins long to start watching. I just finished "United States of Tara" (behind the game on that one! LOL)

Any good drama/comedies that are about 30 mins long? I have Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime capabilities. I prefer something with a deep story line that keeps you watching (so not many sitcoms).



  • Shan1097
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    not sure if you watched this or not but it is more of a drama suspense style on netflix the fall. It has the girl from xfiles and then the guy from 50 shades.. I loved it
  • jaqcan
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    The Following
    The Good Wife
    Orange is the New Black
    They're all probably closer to 45 minutes (hour long tv shows) Most sitcoms are 30 mins. Dramas need a bit more time. Or use the last 15 minutes to sip water and relax after a good workout!
  • pondee629
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    Grace and Frankie with Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen, Sam Waterston, is funny.
  • Faithhopenlove
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    following this post would love to see what other ppl watch. ( I usually watch extreme makeover weight loss editon)
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    Archer, Drunk History, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,
  • Scrubs, Orange is the New Black, Archer, The Mindy Project
  • ki4eld
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    Sons of Anarchy
    Desperate Housewives
    The West Wing
    The Walking Dead
  • GoTeamMeaghan
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    The Wire is my favorite
  • hybridtheory45
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    Peaky Blinders, Vikings, The Tudors The Borgias
  • Katzedernacht
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    Breaking bad!
  • TeaBea
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    Boardwalk Empire
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    30 minute dramas are hard to come by!

    I personally like Bates Motel, AHS, Criminal Minds, etc. I like spooky stuff and crime dramas. I know those are all longer than 30 minutes though.

    A 30-minute show I can think of on Netflix that isn't a sitcom is The Twilight Zone if you like that sort of thing. Sorry, my taste in television is weird.
  • Big Bang Theory, Revenge, Brain Games (makes you think), Fringe
  • Emily3907
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    Thanks for the suggestions! Some of these I have already seen, but I have a list going of the other to check them out!

    My husband also watches shows while working out and he has finished Breaking Bad and is in the middle of SOA. He is trying to get me to watch them, so I may give those a try. I guess I could always do some kettlebell swings and stretching after my 30 mins to finish off a longer show. No harm in that!

    Today I watched the pilot for Army Wives and it seems like it could be good. Great suggestions everyone - thanks!
  • icemaiden37
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    Under the Dome
    House of Cards

    Both are around 40mins per episode though....
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    american horror story
  • BrookWozniak
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    Orphan Black (Amazon prime)
  • PrimroseFlower
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    Breaking bad!
  • Karen_can_do_this
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    Oooh United states of Tara!!! I love that show!
    I've been working my way through quantum leap lately. And I'm about to start on my Dr who collection again