Tips to drink water?

Hi there,
I am having trouble drinking water. I barely have 2 cups per day. It has no taste and I don't feel the need to drink. When I read how much people drink, I feel terrible.. my kidneys will have issues if I don't do something.
Please tell me if you add flavors/something to motivate you to drink water.
Also, how do you split the quantity of water during the day? I spend the day in the bathroom when I force myself to drink.


  • Steve4239
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    I drink 1 gallon or more per day. 1 500ml with breakfast then several thought the day while i'm working, then i have 1 with tea and one while i exercise.

    At first it was difficult to have more water but it fills me up and curbs the hunger. I'm not fond of water but i know its good for me. i all-ways find its easier to drink when chilled.

    If you really cant stomach it add lemon juice or chunks of cucumber
  • Alatariel75
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    It is a fallacy that you need a certain amount of water (8 glasses and whatnot), or that you HAVE to drink water to be hydrated. The best test is the pee test. Have a look at this thread:

    By far, the water you need is taken in through water in food, so drink when you're thirsty, drink what you like, and don't fret about not drinking enough by other peoples intakes.
  • GlenzioFitness
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    Have some ready in the fridge nice and cold to drink. We aren't even allowed tap water where I'm from at the moment lol
  • Kuruschka
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    I drink more than 2 litres a day (4 bottles at work + during exercising in the morning before work and evenings at home)

    4 bottles goes like this and I stick to this routine:

    First by 10am
    Second by 12:30
    Third during lunch
    Fourth between 2 and 6

    I find it much easier to drink from the bottles and control it that way than drinking by the glass.

    I guess it makes it easier if you don't mind that it tastes like nothing and you find it refreshing.
  • bluefish86
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    Don't "force" yourself to drink... but if you want to start drinking more water I would suggest buying a refillable bottle and keeping it with you all the time. Have a sip whenever you're bored or feel hungry. I go through at least 2 bottles a day while sitting at my desk (about 5 cups). You can add sliced cucumber, berries or mint if you want to add some flavour to it.
  • clh72569
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    I struggled with drinking water at first. Now I have it built into my routine. I at least drink a bottle while I drive to work and home, That is 4-8oz. Another bottle after workouts, 5-8oz. Then I drink tea all day, iced or hot. I refill my bottles and experimented with flavors I liked, Mio, crystal lite, tea flavors.
  • riffraff2112
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    Was never a big water drinker either.
    Started with gator-aid (G2 was low in calories), started adding flavor (MIO) to my water (that squirty stuff). Easy to do, super portable. Weaned myself off the flavor for the most part I drink my water 'plain' now.
  • LastingChanges
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    I enjoy drinking water more when it is cold, much more refreshing and easier to drink. I buy the 1L water bottles because having a big bottle in front of me helps me realize that I need to finish drinking all of it, and sometimes I grab it to drink without even thinking about it because it is standing in front of me. I drink 2L in total, 1L until 2 pm and then I refill the bottle and have another 1L. Carrying around a 1L bottle is annoying though.
  • LastingChanges
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    Recommended water amount you should drink depends on your body weight, there are charts online you can google.
  • brandi712
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    I found for me, it helps if I drink it through a straw.
  • lmr0528
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    I got a Camelbak bottle that's 24 oz, I try and drink that all before lunch and then refill it again to go home. I try and drink a bit more on the drive and then usually drink another 2-3 at night. When I start to get bored with plain water I buy those on the go drink mixes. They're sugar free and I can easily drink water with those in it.
  • It's important to keep yourself hydrated during the day; this will help your kidneys to and your liver to flush out toxins
  • sakurablush
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    I don't actually have a problem drinking water anymore as I've gotten used to it. From my personal experience I found my habits and tastes changing as I began to eat more healthily. Whereas the idea of a glass of water seemed so boring and unappealing a year ago, now I tend to have a bottle or whatever close by.

    Some things that might help is sugar free squash or sparkling water, green tea, black coffee or soft drinks like coke zero (I cannot vouch for this personal, however). So long as you're getting enough hydration (TMI - but check your urine colour), I don't feel there's any need to force yourself to drink water.
  • 47Jacqueline
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    This is an easy habit to form. Add something to your water to make it taste better. I use a diluted mixture of Wyler's lemonade or an antioxidant infuser. I count my decaf coffee (and count the milk). I drink non-caloric sports drinks and usually dilute them because they're too sweet.

    I started by drinking 16 oz as soon as I woke up. This already got me ahead of the game. I have about 6 water bottles. when I started I filled up enough to make 64 oz. Now I can even drink regular water on occasion.
  • Dez11B
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    Try drinking green tea. Still no calories with the nutritional kick. Plus it adds some flavor
  • jgnatca
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    My medical team wants me to drink enough in the day to prevent problems. I start with a tea sweetened with Sweet-n-Low and then I switch to a bottle of water. If it's my week to be bored with water I doctor it with Mio, Crystal Lite or Biosteel. My favourite right now is the Tropical Coconut.
  • marykate_1203
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    I notice a huge difference in my energy level when I drink water.. so many benefits. Just remember how good it makes you feel!
  • Jruzer
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    I too have a drinking problem:

  • arditarose
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    I don't log water. I drink enough so that my urine stays light light yellow. I mostly drink when I'm thirsty, and I definitely don't over do it. I do like to drink a few glasses of hot tea which helps.
  • RedWolf09
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    Sometimes I use those Mio or kool-aid flavoring things. It just adds flavor without sugar. Of course nothing beats plain ice cold water, but helps to switch things up.