10 kg lost: Mommy inspiration with pictures!

Hey everybody,

I think is time for an update. As of last week I have only 1 kg left until I reach my goal and I couldn't be more thrilled!! After my pregnancy my body was a battle field. I thought it would never look nice again. Good news for everybody with stretch marks and a hangy belly like I had: There is hope!! :D

It took me 2 1/2 years and I had a lot of lazy munch-days but here is the most important advice from me to you: Just start back up. Today is a new day, don't judge, don't be mad with yourself because you ate so much chocolate cake yesterday. Just start fresh today and don't forget the fun. Eating is awesome and you can't be disciplined all the time.

Here some hard facts:

Height: 1,71 m
Starting weight: 89 Kilos
Current weight: 69 Kilos
How I exercise: Running, HIIT with fitnessblender.com, Zumba, Dancing Classes, Yoga/Pilates, Swimming, Weight lifting and elliptical training: I keep my body guessing and do whatever I feel like. Today I went for a run and did a couple of sets of sit ups and burpees for example.
Food: A looooot of vegetables, fruits, whole grain bread and yes, I do eat candy. Who could live without it? I am a vegetarian. In the morning I loooove to drink a home made chai latte with soy milk. In that regard I am such a hipster. ;) Eat less, but better food. Make whatever you really feel like eating, put your love in it and eat it slow, enjoy every bite. I still eat in front of the TV sometimes though, but I cut it waaaay back!

Ask me whatever you want and believe in yourself! Slow and steady wins the race!!



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