70lbs to lose!

Anyone wanna be my motivation buddy?! No matter what ur trying to lose!


  • TimeFourMe
    TimeFourMe Posts: 104 Member
    You can add me... I am just starting. Trying to lose the same amount.
  • kristirobinson1
    kristirobinson1 Posts: 48 Member
    I have about 65 to lose! You can add me
  • jacksmummy2011
    jacksmummy2011 Posts: 15 Member
    I've got around about the same to lose, you can ad me :)
  • kfm6
    kfm6 Posts: 146 Member

    I'm interested in a buddy. I've lost 30 pounds and have been stuck on a plateau. I have another 30 to go. Friend me if you want mutual support.

  • kaavery120188
    kaavery120188 Posts: 52 Member
    I need more buddies! I've got about 80 to lose. Feel free to add me :)
  • kimberlyhurt
    kimberlyhurt Posts: 128 Member
    I've got 60 left to go, feel free to add me!
  • joyausr
    joyausr Posts: 1 Member
    Me too I need to lose about the same
  • DoxieMama70
    DoxieMama70 Posts: 92 Member
    Feel free to add me as well! I have 55 lbs to lose, down 25 so far.
  • Lulu408
    Lulu408 Posts: 9 Member
    Feel free to add me! I have an other 40 to lose.
  • lavrn03
    lavrn03 Posts: 235 Member
    You can add me too!
    Lost 55lbs and have another 15-25 to go!
    I have a very busy life but managing to get myself moving 5-6/week. Been on this journey for over a year. Slow and steady. But boy am I making changes on the way I know I'm gonna be able to stick with.
  • sheldonklein
    sheldonklein Posts: 854 Member
    I've lost 70 pounds. Feel free to find that motivational.
  • getinfitin40
    getinfitin40 Posts: 42 Member
    Hello please add me as I'm looking for additional support as well. I have 50-60 pounds to lose.
  • fabulousmomofone
    fabulousmomofone Posts: 51 Member
    Add me my goal is to lose 70 lbs as well.
  • chgonzalez1978
    chgonzalez1978 Posts: 114 Member
    I've lost 80 and happy to help. Always open to new ideas and support. Add me if you wish.
  • altugbayrak
    altugbayrak Posts: 3 Member
    I am on half way for 70. I am stuck too. You can add me too
  • nikki_hayter
    nikki_hayter Posts: 45 Member
    Hey there. I've lost 80...another 40-50 to go. I always love new friends. Add me!
  • LuckyLys
    LuckyLys Posts: 24 Member
    70 is my goal as well!