Calorie burn question

Hi guys! I just had a quick question that has gotten me confused!
I've been doing the treadmill every day and most days I do it at a speed of 6.5-6.7(my treadmill speed goes up and down) but some days I can't keep up with that and it ends up being a speed of 6.3-6.5.
On the days I do a faster heart rate monitor seems to have less calories burned then on the lower speed days. Does that make sense, and if it does..can you tell me why?? Or is it just a coincidence?!?!


  • gdyment
    gdyment Posts: 299 Member
    Are you going farther on the slower days? And if that's in mph that's a pretty narrow range to worry about. Unless it's off by hundreds of cals? It's mostly distance that matters anyway.

    Example for me:

    8km @ 142 bpm = 546 cals
    8km @ 125 bpm = 466 cals.
  • breakyoface
    breakyoface Posts: 160 Member
    It's not a huge difference, and it's always the same distance so not sure why I burn more on the slower days.
  • brianpperkins
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    Because the device is reporting gross calories burned, not net from exercise. You are on the machine longer at the slower speed which means more calories burned simply from living are included in the number.