My little success...

As someone who could 'never lose weight' and of course I had medical issues like polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, oh I had a bad liver, and bad knees, and chronic fatigue...

Well, of course, I still have those medical issues. But on the 31st of August I had a major wake up call, and started logging my calories accurately. Weighing everything. I've gone over my calories twice because of bad food choices, but i've still logged every bite accurately. In the past i'd use MFP, but if one day I was going to go over, i'd go 'screw it!' and binge, badly. Then the rest of the week would be a write off because I could only start on a monday... etc etc.

Since the 31st of August, as of today, I have lost 8 kilos. I know that rate of weight loss is going to go down significantly, as I am only losing this quick due to being 'super obese' (lamest super hero ever'. And my whole mind set has changed. I'm not eliminating any food, just eating smaller portions. I've even taken my kids to mcdonalds, but chose a wrap and a salad instead of a quarter pounder and a cheeseburger and large fries.

I can do this. And having confidence in myself is my success story.


  • ponybrown
    ponybrown Posts: 33 Member
    Well done, you!
  • Sophlilcady
    Sophlilcady Posts: 21 Member
    Thank you @ponybrown
  • adriennel502
    adriennel502 Posts: 72 Member
    Awesome decision to make. You're more than 2 weeks in! Keep it going!
  • KeepGoinGirl
    KeepGoinGirl Posts: 60 Member
    That is great.
  • seomra
    seomra Posts: 69 Member
    That's fantastic!
  • MargueriteMuguet
    MargueriteMuguet Posts: 230 Member
    Whoop whoop! (Ps: i love that expression <<super obese>> as a super hero!)

    You are gonna do great with that attitude!
  • woznube7
    woznube7 Posts: 550 Member
    Keep up the great work! That was a great day to start (My b-day!:))
  • Pandapotato
    Pandapotato Posts: 68 Member
    In the past i'd use MFP, but if one day I was going to go over, i'd go 'screw it!' and binge, badly. Then the rest of the week would be a write off because I could only start on a monday...

    I do this EXACT same thing. One calorie-filled meal and I use it as an excuse "well, I'm already over for the day, so...." and then it's Thursday and I'll 'start fresh" on Monday... and then weeks later am like DAMMIT.

    So I've learned I really need to keep the streak going for maximum results, and it keeps me from being tempted by that "one" meal that becomes so much more.

    Keep up the good work!

  • rebeccaEsmith
    rebeccaEsmith Posts: 1,136 Member
    You go girl
  • marciebrian
    marciebrian Posts: 853 Member
    that's awesome ;-) go you!
  • suruda
    suruda Posts: 1,233 Member
    Nice work! That is a huge success, having a total mindset. That has been different for me too this go around...I log everything, the good, the bad, the ugly. I don't let one bad meal or day ruin a whole week....just move on to the next day!

    I look forward to following your success!
  • gswills
    gswills Posts: 10 Member
    Congratulations! This is definitely not a "little" success! I know for me it took a few tries before not giving up after I made a bad food decision. You can do it! Keep going!
  • brenn24179
    brenn24179 Posts: 2,144 Member
    yep, that is how you do it, wraps and salads instead of quarter pounders
  • sarasmile144
    sarasmile144 Posts: 109 Member
    Congratulations! That's a great mindset!
  • joannasipes
    joannasipes Posts: 1 Member
    I am for once truely logging everything also and I find that when I have a bad day it only motivated me to do better. I don't like seeing those red numbers!
  • nunez_nellie
    nunez_nellie Posts: 3 Member
    I have pcos too! So hard but there's hope :D
  • meboogboog
    meboogboog Posts: 2 Member
    Way to go!!
  • Nataliegetfit
    Nataliegetfit Posts: 395 Member
    Keep making small changes and make them a habit, go for walks, take the kids to the park, you are worth it, and can do it. Yea You..
  • krithsai
    krithsai Posts: 668 Member
    That mindset switch is the single most important step towards better health. All the best!
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