Potheads & Working out?



  • salembambi
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    which one of you boring big pharma exec flagged OP? lol

  • CooperSprings
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    Smoke a few times a month to reset. My anxiety and depression can sometimes make it impossible for me to feel comfortable working out. Or to do anything really. I don't believe anyone should be a pothead. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing...
  • Timshel_
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    Did it in the past but so no reason to use it anymore. Even when i did, I never even thought about trying to increase performance and work out while decreasing it with pot. Not just mentally, but physically. I dunno...seems silly. Same thing as I love drinking, but I ain't pounding a 40oz before hitting the weights.
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    Well I have anxiety, scoliosis, slipped disc and arthritis in my knees. So it helps me relax my body enough to where I am not in so much pain when I'm excerising. And if you eat before you smoke and hydrate your self properly the munchies aren't so bad. And if I do get the munchies I just make a healthy snack.. Weed does not affect me to where I can't make everyday decisions. Do I get a little goofy and slap happy sure but that's better to me than having an anxiety attack!!!!! And who ever reported this grow the hell up weed is nothing new!!!

    Hope everyone had a great day. Feel free to add me :wink:
  • You can always spot the person in the gym who smoked beforehand. They are always chomping on protein bars between sets.
  • Jonny15121983
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    I always found it to be excellent just before and during strength training, always seemed to be achieve more during my session. As for the munchies that worked out fine as strength trainjng would be followed by a massive carb and protein packed meal. Keep lots of fruit around and no junk in the house so if you do still get the munchies it isn't goin to end in a table full of empty crisps, chocolate and cakes wrappers lol
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