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Where can I find my micronutrients?

kebbiedarrykebbiedarry Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
I used to be able to find all of my nutrition information, it was a little section that showed me how much of the dv I had consumed for each vitamin and mineral, and it was on here but I just can't seem to find it. Do you guys know where it is?


  • CyberToneCyberTone Member Posts: 7,453 Member Member Posts: 7,453 Member
    There are a few options:
    1. On the mobile apps, navigate to More/Menu > Nutrition > Nutrients (toggle between Week View and Day View).
    2. On the Web version:
    a. Navigate to FOOD > Food Diary > View Full Report (Printable) to see a few of them per day.
    b. Navigate to REPORTS > Charts and Reports and use the drop down to display a chart one at a time.
    c. Navigate to FOOD > Settings and change Nutrients Tracked to desired micronutrients five at a time and then view them on your daily Food Diary.
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