I went into a store for the first time in three/four years

KarenGa4 Posts: 148 Member
Hi I'm Karen for those of you who don't know,me. I've lost 53 lbs so far on my journey, started off at 475. I go to work and church and absolutely nowhere else, this has been going on for about 4 years. Yesterday I spent 2 hours in a store. I stood for about 20 minutes of it and then I got a chair with wheels, I wheeled myself around the store, with my husband and 1 daughter. I got loads of church outfits for the girls (2 daughters). Then I went into another store walked around, then sat, then walked, then sat, etc. for about an hour. But I did it. Then today I went back out but at first I sat in the car, but then I went to a restaurant. It was the first time I've been in a restaurant in 4 years. I was always afraid I would not been able to fit in the chair/booth. Truth be told I barely fit in the booth, but I did it. This is HUGE! I am slowly becoming an active member of society again outside of my job. This is huge! Praise the Lord hallelujah I've free.