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New Poster - trying to lose the 'dad bod'

Hello all and thanks for this great app and community. I've used the app briefly before and just recently brought it back to help me get back on track.

I'm a 37yo dad, husband and professional desk worker. For the last 2 years I've been working on improving my diet/health in order to enjoy playing sports and look better; my weight was 240LB when I started and I managed to get down to 205LB over the summer. About 2 months ago I hurt my back and fell out of my diet and workout routine, gaining back about 20LB. That's when I decided to start logging all my meals and beverages on MFP to help with some measure of accountability. It's helped for the last week+, and I've finally been able to increase my workouts on the elliptical and some body weight exercises.

I don't have real specific goals other than losing belly fat and maintaining the healthy lifestyle - easy, right? Lol That's why I'm here, to see that others are working toward the same goal, and, learn from their efforts, while offering encouragement to keep after it. Thanks everyone!


  • Matt200goal
    Matt200goal Posts: 481 Member
    I'm with you, brother. 260 enroute to 200 (currently 241).
  • dozenmonkeyz
    dozenmonkeyz Posts: 150 Member
    That's great work! Keep it up!
  • lauraleefaith
    lauraleefaith Posts: 578 Member
    Nothing but success in your journey! You'll be well on your way. Stay with it.
  • dozenmonkeyz
    dozenmonkeyz Posts: 150 Member
    Thanks, and same to you!
  • JessicaJS23
    JessicaJS23 Posts: 1,863 Member
    Feel free to add me! I've done this once before and can do it again as can you!! : )
  • dozenmonkeyz
    dozenmonkeyz Posts: 150 Member
    Added; feel free to add me back. Thank you!
  • CasperNaegle
    CasperNaegle Posts: 936 Member
    Started at 227 and have finally broken 200 last week. Inched back up over the weekend but I know I'll bust through and back down. Been a great journey and I feel great. Good luck on your path back down.
  • ShansGotGoals
    ShansGotGoals Posts: 928 Member
    Best of luck on your journey! I've been on here about 2 months and love having the support and encouragement, as well as seeing others success, and encouraging them. Anyone feel free to add me! Always looking for new friends