Dessert-less month--success!

ponybrown Posts: 33 Member
Hi friends,

Like many of you, I come on this 'success story' board, almost daily, to get inspired. It's helped tremendously. I love witnessing the amazing growth or rather, shrinking of my fellow MPFers! Whoohoo!

I thought I'd share a bit of success too. My mom and I decided to try and partake in a 'dessert-less' month. And we succeeded! Prior to this, I found I was craving a tone of sugar and knew I needed to cut it out for a period of time. I feel proud. I felt really empowered quite frankly and have continued to make some great eating choices now that we're into the month of October.

I've lost five pounds thus far! About 20 to go!

Yay, me and my mama!


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