Today: Lost More than I have to Lose

jagpie42 Posts: 43 Member
Today it finally happened! I stepped on the scale according to my normal morning routine to discover that I had dropped another pound. I have now lost 36.4 pounds and I have approximately 36 more to go. My journey started in my late 20's and the roller coaster ride of quick weight loss/ quick weight gain began. At the age of 44 and for about 2 years now, I have maintained a steady progression of weight loss and plateaus through exercise and healthy diet. My blood sugar is under control (through medication), my blood pressure is normal (through medication) and I can run a 5K in under 30 minutes which is a better time than my 20 year old son who is a US Marine. I have a journey ahead of me, but as distance running has taught me, concentrating on each step is the key to finishing a race. On my bedroom wall hangs a new plaque which holds my three finisher medals and racing bibs with plenty of room to add more. It reads, "Courage to start. Strength to endure. Resolve to finish." That sums up this weight loss journey.