What are your unhealthy food loves?



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    fresh bread, cheese and wine >sigh<
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    pondee629 wrote: »
    Are there really BAD foods or just bad AMOUNTS of food? I mean is anything that doesn't kill you a BAD food? to wit:
    "i still eat that stuff now, mind you, but i watch the portions"
    " when I do I still track them as normal and try not to go over my limit"
    "I give myself maintenance days every few days so I can properly enjoy them!"

    food nazis will have you believe that eating foods like mac and cheese are bad, but i dont think there are bad foods.
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    I love almost everything high in carbs and fat, particularly fried potatoes/rice, chocolate, chewy cookies, and cream. >:) I give myself maintenance days every few days so I can properly enjoy them!

    carbs AND fat. they gotta be together, amirite? because i cannot eat 3 lbsof plain baked potatoes, thats for sure.

    YES! Haha turn those baked potatoes into French fries and they're gone. *o*

    On a similar note I ate an entire rice cooker's worth of rice the other day. All it took was some spicy sauce, seaweed flakes, and sesame oil. Just that bit of fat and sodium made plain rice SO DELICIOUS!!
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    I found out I don't love the foods I crave in unhealthy amounts, I just crave them.

    So I have none.
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    Dear Ponde and Meli, alas, there are bad fats and bad sugars too

    Good fats – Omega 3 – (EPA and DHA) Green veg and oily fish (not cod liver) crucial for good health
    - Saturated fat – animal fats, meat and dairy, coconut and palm – solid at room temperature. These are only bad in excess of the RDA: 20 grams a day.

    - Unsaturated fats – liquid seed oils only bad in excess of the RDA: 70g and optimum Om6 vs 3 ratio
    - Bad fats: Man made toxic fats, trans-fats, hidden in processed food including low fat spreads.
    - Trans-fats are synthetic fats that preserve shelf life in food and cause premature furring of the arteries
    - In addition to other fats the average Briton is eating between 2 – 20g of trans-fats a day
    - 20 grams of trans-fat a day more than doubles the risk of cardiovascular disease: heart, stroke, Lewy body dementia, vascular and arteria-sclerotic dementia; the second most common types of dementia.
    - Trans-fats upset the liver; disrupt the balance of good cholesterol (HDL) and bad (LDL) and cause a build-up of plaques on the artery walls.
    - Trans-fats are mostly hidden but on food labels are called:

    1. Hydrogenated vegetable oil (Good unsaturated fats that have been Hydrogenated)
    2. Partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.
    3. Vegetable shortening
    4. Margarine

    Types of sugar:
    Just as there are types of fat there are types of sugar both good and bad.

    Good sugar: Fructose found in nutrient rich fruit is good.

    Bad sugar: Refined white sugar and fructose derived from Corn syrup can be toxic, especially in combination with trans-fat. Amongst other things, fructose can suppress the production of Leptin, a hormone that makes you feel full and satisfied. Once Leptin is switched off, the brain thinks the body is starving and you are now in a viscous cycle of over consumption, addiction and disease.

    If the scientists are right, it is the effect of fructose on the liver that is driving America's obesity. It is also associated with chronic illness including some cancers, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, elevated LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Americans consume about 90 lbs of sugar a year, twice what is considered safe.

    But Pondee is right, ratio is relevant. Eg. Omega 6 is essential but in excess is inflammatory where are Om 3 is anti-inflammatory. The body can't differentiate between Om 6 and Om3 and so it's important to try and keep your diet in favour of Om3.

    All seems a bit complicated to take in doesn't it but the facts are worth taking on board and once you know them, it is much easier to make informed choices without being obsessive about it. Hope this is helpful.
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    lots of margarine on the market these days without trans fat. We use imperial sticks in our home, and its trans fat free. It is 89 cents a pound, versus butter, which is 4 dollars a pound at my local grocery store.
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    thumbs up - (is there a like button?)
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    Nutella, oh how i miss you
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    I don't really love anything I consider unhealthy in and of itself, as opposed to in overly large quantities, except perhaps some fried foods (as identified below).

    My favorites that I have to watch quantities on: ribs, pulled pork, a good enchilada, guacamole, cheese, pie, ice cream, french fries, really well-made fried chicken (KFC doesn't appeal at all, ick), cornbread, homemade mac & cheese, Pequod's Chicago-style pizza (the only Chicago-style I really care about), po'boy, naan with a good curry, going out for Ethiopian and just getting a selection of dishes to share with the table. Sigh, more than I thought and I keep thinking of more. ;-) I still eat all this, however, just much more rarely and/or in smaller quantities.
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    Sweets. Cookies, chocolate, ice cream, pastries, pudding... you name it. But I still eat the 'easier to fit in' stuff (pudding, couple cookies, a bit of chocolate, or one serving of ice cream) in moderation. Cakes, pies, croissants and pastries are a once in a while thing because it's tough to fit in 400+ absolutely not filling calories (but I've found Pillsbury toaster streudels a pretty good alternative for croissants and pastries).

    Pasta I fit in pretty easily when a craving hits though - the other day I had pasta and meatballs for 400 calories, and it wasn't a tiny serving either. I just hit 1.5 serving worth instead of 2 or 3 (1 serving is just too sad).

    Bread is tough and I avoid buying the really good stuff (fresh bakery bread, pretty much) because it just doesn't last long enough to eat in moderation.

    And crepes. I love crepes. The problem is that when I make some, I can eat 1000+ calories of crepes (and I go light on the fillings too!). Nutella, cookie butter, caramel, you name it... So I save those on days when I'm not very hungry anyway and I have extra calories.
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    Jelly Belly jelly beans. I can eat 1000s of calories worth of them in a single sitting. I have not had jelly beans in many months, but they will forever be my bad food love. I love you, jelly beans, but I can't be with you anymore... :'(
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    I'm simple: Nutty bars and Coke
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    fresh bread, cheese and wine >sigh<

    Nooooooooo wine is so good for you.

    you are a bad person for suggesting wine is bad. Shame on you.
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    My bad - feeling the shame - >hangs head with hot red cheeks<

    actually, it isn't bad in moderation it just messes with weight loss

    Desperately tragic fact for some folk: Even a limited amount of alcohol can undermine a diet even as part of a calorie controlled diet. This is because alcohol slows down and changes the way that the body burns and stores fat.

    Here is my penance - a useful post I hope

    Alcohol: Recommended Daily Allowance: Women = 2-3 units + 1 for men. The calculation for RDA is complicated by differences in the alcohol % (strength or volume) in each type of drink.


    Wine Measure Units kcals Carbs
    1 bottle at 12% vol 750mls (75cls) 9.8 564 6
    Half bottle 375 mls 4.9 282 3
    1/3 bottle 250mls = large glass 3.3 188 2
    ¼ bottle 187mls 2.45 141 1.5
    Standard small glass 175mls 2. 132 1.25
    1/6 bottle 125 ml 1.6 94 1

    A moderate amount of red wine (also pure cranberry juice) may help thin blood, raise levels of good cholesterol and dissolve ‘young’ artery plaques. Pinot noir has the highest anti-oxidant rate and other beneficial properties.

    • Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Pinot Noir
    • Waitrose Romanian
    • Cono Sur - Bicicleta Pinot Noir or Chapel Hill Pinot Noir

    Isoflavones also inhibit the growth of cells that form artery clogging plaque.

    am I forgiven? :neutral:
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    Definitely mac and cheese. Ice cream for sure. Ben & Jerry's Phish Food and Cherry Garcia, specifically.
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    Fried pickles omg
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    no such thing as unhealthy food. People are unhealthy not food.
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    Peanut Butter!!!
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    no such thing as unhealthy food. People are unhealthy not food.

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    High fructose corn syrup isn't food