eating the same foods everyday



  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    Only eat the same breakfast every day but lunch and dinner changes, I cook something different each day but then it gets repeated on a fortnightly basis...
    I would get bored if I didn't change my menu alot.
  • ckfox95
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    I also tend to do this. It's just routine but I do try to switch it up as much as I can. Breakfast is normally oatmeal and lately I've been making all kinds of salads for lunch. I do change it up when I get bored with it though.
  • ahamm002
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    I usually eat the same things for breakfast and lunch 5 days a week. It's convenient and it prevents me from over eating. I get variety from dinner and snacks (and also the weekends).

    There are tons of people where I work who are always over eating at lunch while complaining about how hard it is to lose weight. I find that just ordering the same turkey wrap and soup every day for lunch makes sticking to my calorie/macro goals much easier. Otherwise I end up rationalizing ordering the 12 inch cheese steak or something that makes hitting my calorie/macro goals much harder.
  • bago08
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    I do.. I think that the routine helps plus for the most part its things that I like. I do occasionally travel for work or have meals that I dont control in those cases I adjust my routine prior to those meals but I have a routine that i like and quite frankly has taken me a while to what I like and what works so I tend to stick with it. It also makes shopping a bit easier. I dont impulse buy. I know the things that I need and just grab them and go. Again the routine of it helps with that as well.
  • HaibaneReki
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    food is just fuel, no need for much variety..
  • melimomTARDIS
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    i find weight loss and weight maintainence simpler if i eat similar foods each day. i have go to orders at restaurants as well.

    breakfast- 2 oz of high fiber cereal (all bran or fiber one) topped with 4 oz of milk, 2 cups of coffee with a tablespoon of coffee creamer in each cup. (breakfast is always 300 calories, or less)

    lunch- 500/600 calories, of meat, veggies and starch

    dinner 500/600 calories of meat, veggies and starch.

    edited to add- sometimes i have cottage cheese and fruit instead, but basically my days are all duplicates of the above.
  • kshama2001
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    I have smoothies for breakfast all summer long but switch to eggs and veggies or other warm breakfasts when mornings become cold. I often have sandwiches for lunch. I enjoy cooking immensely, and dinner is the meal that gets the most variety.
  • 47Jacqueline
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    There was some research a few years ago that showed people ate about 100 calories a day less if they didn't vary their diet. But I just read an article that debunked that theory and suggested varying your food is a better approach.

    It's like caffeine. Some weeks it's good for you, some weeks you should stop.
  • rbfdac
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    I do- I mean, there is a list of probably 15-20 foods that I continuously eat.

    Breakfast is usually eggs or a protein bar

    Lunch is usually a salad with some sort of protein

    Supper doesn't vary much- one of my faux meat products and a veggie and starch.

    BORING. But keeps me on track.
  • SuggaD
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    Yep. I don't have a lot of time so I go with what is convenient. For breakfast, I like the same things (pancakes/waffles, muffins, egg whites, bacon, sausage, fruit, tea, hot cereal bulked up...a combo of those things), lunch is often turkey chili w/ beans, dinner is similar. Weekends, I dine out and get my variety that way.
  • gainer39911
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    The diversity in menu varies considerably by meal. Breakfast is almost always the same: Fiber One cereal with berries and skim milk and a cup of tomato juice. Lunch is somewhat more varied, but most often a green or spinach salad with ham and a low cal dressing (I like Bolthouse products), and some fruit (grapes, clementines, etc.). The principal alternative for lunch is a tuna or turkey sandwich. Dinner is much more varied. We always cook from scratch so it's relatively easy to buy a variety of proteins and vegetables and be creative.
  • eliza8897
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    I eat the same lunch everyday before work. 3 Eggs, Triple Threat Oikos Greek yogurt, turkey sausage links, and a teaspoon of nut butter. I can then go to work and not be hungry again until I get home. I like the veggie rice steamers with tuna, chicken, or tilapia for dinner. I rarely eat bread or sweets and only drink sparkling water.
  • brandiseagroves
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    thanks for all the guys are awesome
  • nordlead2005
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    My lunch is typically the same for long periods of time, but my dinner almost always changes. The lunch is more for convenience (food wise, not calorie wise, but it does help with planning other food intake).
  • kthompson601
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    I also tend to do this, with some variation on the weekends. During the week it's just a lot easier to eat the same thing. Homemade smoothie for breakfast; fruit and salad for lunch; and a homemade meal with fruit, occasionally extra veg, and a sweet treat for dinner. I'm single, and it's very difficult to make a single portion of anything, so I make something on Sunday and eat it for dinner every night through Friday. Could be a stew, a lasagna, beans and rice, different pastas, or whatever.

    On the weekends I tend to eat more irregularly and more likely to eat out, though I try not to, to save both money adn calories.
  • TrickyDisco
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    Breakfast is either overnight oatmeal or porridge made with soya milk, lunch a slice of wholemeal bread with dairy-free spread and either peanut butter, home-made hummous, red lentil or kidney bean spread or yeast extract, a few almonds, walnuts, dried apricots, prunes, pumpkin seeds, apple, sweet pepper and celery and a sweet biscuit like a ginger snap and/or digestive. Evening meals vary, depends on the season, snacks vary too.
  • mbaker566
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    i don't always eat the same thing or the same way
    but most days I'll have some egg and cheese, yogurt, cookie or sweet bread/muffin, and ice cream. then veggies and fruit fill in most else
  • dutchandkiwi
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    During a standard week my breaksfast and lunch are pretty standard.
    breakfast: yoghurt, nuts, muesli and fruit The fruit will vary depending on season.
    Lunch: two slices of bread with cheese, soup and a small salad. The latter I am trying to change to homemade and the soup is whatever is on offer in our company restaurant.
    Snacks: two pieces of fruit a day.
    That said, I also travel a lot away from our offices and those days the lunch will vary on occasion significantly.
    Dinner a lot less structured, in part because both my husband and I love cooking
  • missjones513
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    Breakfast is usually Greek yogurt and a granola bar. Sometimes I'll do the smart ones breakfast wrap or oatmeal in the winter. On the weekends it's scrambled eggs and turkey bacon.

    Lunch is usually baked chicken or pork chops with steamed veggies or sweet potatoes. Sometimes I'll do healthy choice, lean cuisine or smart ones if I don't feel like cooking stuff for the week.

    Dinner is random, based on my eMeals plan or whatever I have a taste for.
  • nyponbell
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    I eat pretty much the same things every day;
    Breakfast: oatmeal, banana, linseed, an iron tablet (unless I'm in a hurry then it's just a banana and hopefully an egg and some other piece of fruit I might find)
    Lunch: some salad and beans from the school cafeteria (I eat with the kids) and a bean soup I bring with me (which I eat on my break as we're not allowed to bring our own food to the cafeteria)
    Midday snack: a green smoothie (with lots of berries and other delicious and healthy stuff)
    Evening: eggs (unless I ate it in the morning), some treat (dried mango, some chocolate covered cashews, or I go all out and eat a gigantic bar of chocolate or a tub of B&J, you know, the normal stuff), cheese, other random stuff (sometimes)

    I also recently got a protein powder I actually like, so now I'm working it into my day as well (with milk). Today I had it with breakfast, because I didn't have time to make and eat my oatmeal (but the shake I can drink on my way to work), but I will probably start drinking it with my lunch and move the bean soup to evening at home. I figure I need the quick protein boost during the day more than in the evening (as I work out in the morning and am active at my job).

    This makes it so much easier to plan out my work-week and prepare food on Sunday. On weekends I might eat some of this, depending on what I've got planned for the day (and if I have any soup left), but it's mainly for weekdays.