Was there any point in introducing myself yesterday?

Nooooooooo no replies at all. Not just me - lots and lots of people seem to get no response when introducing themselves. Just putting it out there that what is the point of having an introduce yourself forum if nobody welcomes or answers at all. Not specially welcoming!!


  • jgnatca
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    Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in Canada. I spent it with my family.
  • Nicole_M4
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    Ummmm welcome??? Hope you enjoy your mfp experience ;)
  • dirtyflirty30
    dirtyflirty30 Posts: 224 Member
    Welcome to the internet, friend.
  • Holly_Roman_Empire
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    The forums here suck. There's not a lot of traffic like there used to be.
  • jendiaz9732
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    I know when that hotline bling
  • jendiaz9732
    jendiaz9732 Posts: 290 Member
    That can only mean one thing
  • jendiaz9732
    jendiaz9732 Posts: 290 Member
    Sorry. And welcome!
  • healthylili2015
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    The only one I enjoy is the success stories, lots of traffic there but I agree, most people don't bother reading this forum I find. Especially if you're not a newbie anymore. I'm in Canada so I didn't come to MFP yesterday due to Thanksgiving :)
  • mrron2u
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    ^^^^^^^ What she said! But seriously - there are lots of sub-groups that are more active. If you have a specific interest or health issue you can find a group and will probably find more conversations and active participation. Welcome to MFP!
  • BeccaColliesBurton
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    Thanks guys. I didn't realise thanksgiving was so early - hope you all had a great day.
    Some posts seem to grab attention - maybe I'll head my next post FREE SEX or something like that hahaha
    I will look at other forums. I think forums are quite important personally but hey ho xx