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    I don't walk as much as I used to, but I run several times a week. I usually buy Nikes or Asics, and have for years. I just went for a new pair & decided to try on some Under Armor running shoes I spotted. OMG, I fell in love!!!

    No more shin pain & I shaved a 47 seconds off each mile the first day I wore them! Last week I went 9 miles & my feet felt great the whole time! It's like clouds hugging my feet. I'll never buy another pair of Nikes again.

    Love em! :smiley:
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    Francl27 wrote: »
    How long do you all keep your shoes? Mine have all pretty much failed at the top of the toes after a few months, so I'm very hesitant to spend more than $40 on a pair.

    I usually get a few years out of a pair of Asics. They don't fail at the toe - what happens is that they seem less comfortable. I loved my ASICS: GEL-Enduro® 7, which are no longer made, and am quite happy with the fit of the ASICS: Gel-Kahana® 7 but just wish they came in solid black.

    I use Zappos because they have a great selection and I can send shoes back and forth until I get it right.
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    bcalvanese wrote: »

    After reading about the Brooks posts, now I went out and got a pair of "Brooks Glycerin 13's".

    Did a 5 mile walk today in 1 hour 11 minutes with them... :)

    Had to return the "Brooks Glycerin 13's". They started hurting my feet and shins. I think it has to do with the 10mm drop. My feet sort of slam the ground when going from heel to toe with the higher drop shoes. I got a pair of "Hoka CLIFTON 2's" with the money, and they only have a 5mm drop. They also have an extreme amount of cushioning. I did a 3 mile walk yesterday to break them in, and at first it felt very strange walking in them real fast. Felt like I couldn't walk right or something, but once I got used to it (after the first mile), they felt great. No foot slamming, no shin pain, and I could actually enjoy the walk rather than paining my way through it... :)