My success

Started my goal to lose a 100 lbs by my birthday this year . The first pics are of me at my heaviest (282lbs in August of '14 ) and my wife . Second comparison pic is this last weekend picture that I took for our 24 yr anniversary .I decided to try My Fitness Pal . I'm here to say it worked great .Started on Oct 22 2014 and by the middle of August I had lost over a 100 lbs . 2 months before my birthday in the 1st week of October ! Started out officially at 278 and am currently holding for the last couple of months at 172 . Started at 2xl shirts and 38" waist . Now down to medium shirts and a size 30 " waist . My wife decided to start the journey in February and even with thyroid issues and years of steroid shots and such for various health issues has managed to lose 40 lbs and still continues well on her journey . This diet / lifestyle change has been the easiest to make . I love food and have figured out many ways to adapt the meals we love in to our nutrition level . Many folks at work have asked if I was starving myself or just eating nothing but vegetables . There are more vegetables in my diet now but we still eat pizza(low carb/fat homemade ) , white beans and lean pork loin , and such. I've definitely not starved to say the least but I feel way better than I've felt in 20 years. Second set of pics is same time frame as first of just me and the transformation a year can make if you stick to your goals . 14xa4ljnw4u2.jpg