How much fibre do you eat



  • nvmomketo
    nvmomketo Posts: 12,019 Member
    About 5g or less.

    I find fibre is helpful for moving carbs through the system. When I cut carbs and added fats, my BMs all improved.

    It was rather surprising.
  • rosebette
    rosebette Posts: 1,659 Member
    I eat 25+ g a day, but still have issues with irregularity. If you eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grain breads rather than white, it's pretty easy to meet.
  • melimomTARDIS
    melimomTARDIS Posts: 1,941 Member
    around 25g a day. Too much fiber doesnt really work for me, and less than 20g doesnt work either.
  • mrst0
    mrst0 Posts: 8 Member
    What about a person who has diarrhea, as well as constipation, which is what irritable bowel syndrome symptoms are. Metamucil is the fiber product I use to control both.
  • vfit10
    vfit10 Posts: 228 Member
    Me No much man 20g :)