First Marathon Sunday

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In 2012 I was 50 pounds overweight. From the extra weight my knees hurt all the time. I decided that my running days were over. Then I discovered MFP.

I did MFP pretty consistently and worked out hard - mostly on an elliptical that was pretty kind on my knees. As the weight came off, I decided to try running again. I did a run-walk program to gradually built up to running 30 minutes nonstop.

After losing over 40 pounds, I was running regularly and feeling great. I did a 5K "color run" and felt strong - I had to force myself to walk through the color stations because I just wanted to run.

In September 2013 I ran a 6-mile leg of a marathon relay and really enjoyed it. In October I ran my first half-marathon since returning to running and surprised myself with a PR under 2 hours. On that day I decided to tackle a goal that seemed so impossible just a short time before: run a marathon.

It has taken me 3 years to get to this point, but on Sunday I'll run the Marine Corps Marathon. I've done the training and am ready. I feel so good coming out of the training that I'm already thinking of future races I can do.

If you're just starting this process, don't think about you can't do. The human body is amazing - you are capable of so much more than you realize. The key is getting your mind in the right place. Once you decide what's really important and make that decision to get in shape, there is literally nothing you can't do.


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    Grats! It's amazing how even 20 lbs can affect your body! Hope you have a blast!
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    I'm training for my first half marathon in March after starting a run/walk program in August 2014. Before that I didn't run ANYWHERE! Now my brain is trying to trick me into signing up for a full marathon. Looking forward to hearing your results!
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    Wow. That is fantastic. Good luck on Sunday. :mrgreen:
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    Fantastic! Congrats!!!
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! My husband is running MCM Sunday too (he's lost 35 lbs), I'm running the 10K. Good luck!
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    Good luck to you and your husband too! That's awesome!
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    Awesome comeback ! Good luck in the race.
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    So encouraging to read this! Thanks for sharing your journey to running-cross your fingers for me to follow in your footsteps!
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    Well done indeed! Hope you have a lovely day :-)