"You're not supposed to eat that"



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    I personally would be a smartass about it (the Food Police is a good one!), but it all depends on who's saying it. Another option is to tell them you're on a diet that you and your doctor worked out so yeah, you can eat it. Very few people will argue with doctor's orders!
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    Most of it is coworkers thinking they are helping but really getting on my nerves. I appreciate all the suggestions and I am going to keep doing what works for me. :)
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    My typical response is something like this:
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    I hate that people don't understand the whole IIFYM thing and always want to critique what I am eating. I have lost 42 lbs. so far. I must be doing something right. Can you guys give me some pointers on how to handle naysayers?

    "Bite Me", "Would you like to get together @ the gym later" & "That is a great idea, I'll look into that if I ever reach a plateau." I've found them all to be effective depending on how annoyed I am. But the unfortunate thing is that most people who offer unsolicited advise are talking out their *kitten*. Suggesting things they've never bothered trying to help themselves, but would be a great solution for you. Best of intentions, but usually following them was what got me into trouble in the first place.

    But regardless, it sounds like you're doing great. Maybe you could engage them in a 45 minute epilogue of what has already worked and how you would be more than happy to help them with a new diet plan. I've found that when I suggest we work on them, they feel offended & never bring it up again. :-)