What's your motivation?



  • RoseTheWarrior
    RoseTheWarrior Posts: 2,035 Member
    Feel better, look better, feel like I look better :smiley: Also, to be able to play tennis again.
  • 42Bristol
    42Bristol Posts: 4 Member
    to be able to DO, not be in pain, to enjoy life and everything it has to offer.....this is what motivates me to learn healthy eating and have a healthy body
  • red0801
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    lithezebra wrote: »
    I don't have motivation, just good habits. Well, okay, I can't wait to go to the gym today because I'm going to knit while I'm on the recumbent bike. Knitting is my motivation today.

    I would so love to learn to knit!! But I can't, so my motivation is the way I feel when I'm doing the thing I believe matter (eating healthy, exercising, meditating & resting). It feels good to know I'm the BEST version of me I can be today.
  • zombievoltaire
    zombievoltaire Posts: 5 Member
    My motivation is my love for myself and my love for my 3 kids. I love my body and I accept it for what it is, even if is not skinny or ideal. Once I came to love and accept myself, I knew I needed to treat myself better and love my body the way it loves me. I love it now for what it is and I love it for what it will be in the future while I get fit. I have a few medical issues that will be easier to regulate once I lose some more weight as well. I want to show my children good habits and be happy, healthy and active for them for as long as I can!
  • Ponkeen
    Ponkeen Posts: 147 Member
    I want to jump out of a plane! And wear something other than full shorts and a t shirt at the beach! And run for 5 miles without stopping! And yes, these are not things I can do if I am fat. Not comfortably anyway.

    I also just want to be able to look at myself in the mirror and not dislike everything I see. Weight is only a part of that, but it's a pretty important part.
  • Kalikel
    Kalikel Posts: 9,626 Member
    Being healthy was and remains my biggest motivation. When I stopped taking my health for granted, everything changed.

    I like feeling better and looking better, but all my dietary and exercise choices (as well as many others, indirectly) begin and end with health.

    When I read that many people who lost a lot of weight and kept it off listed their health as impetus and motivator, I wasn't surprised. I don't think anything else is as motivating.

    It's too bad that so many of us take our health for granted until it punks out on us.
  • rankinsect
    rankinsect Posts: 2,238 Member
    I want to do the things obesity prevented me from being able to do.

    My first major goal is to climb Kilimanjaro for my sabbatical.
  • rebeccaEsmith
    rebeccaEsmith Posts: 1,136 Member
    I want to be the women I know I can be!
  • jaewow
    jaewow Posts: 18 Member
    My daughter and the thought of having more children. I almost died last year due to major complications from pregnancy, I am now afraid to die young and not be there for my daughter.
  • wildflowergypsy38
    wildflowergypsy38 Posts: 25 Member
    I want to be healthy and happy, pain free and wear gorgeous clothes ;)
  • bodymindmusic
    bodymindmusic Posts: 118 Member
    my motivation is not to die an early death from being obese my entire adult life and sitting on my lazy butt. add me
  • LumberJacck
    LumberJacck Posts: 559 Member
    I won't date until I reach goal weight and I am quite lonely so that's my motivation, to not be lonely
  • Altagracia220
    Altagracia220 Posts: 876 Member
    Superficial reasons. I want to look good naked. I want to be smaller and slimmer. I want to confidently rock a crop top. I already know what it's like to be sized XX-large and now want to know what it's like to be sized medium.
  • midge_m
    midge_m Posts: 1,085 Member
    I won't date until I reach goal weight and I am quite lonely so that's my motivation, to not be lonely

    Life is too short! You are worthy of love regardless of the number on the scale.

    For me - I am sick and getting sicker. It's become "lose weight or die."
  • wanderinglight
    wanderinglight Posts: 1,519 Member
    * I want my jeans to be as comfortable as my yoga pants.
    * I want to live in Paris a few months of the year and not be a fat American.
    * I am tired of wearing Spanx. I'm tired of smoke and mirrors and buying clothes that camouflage this area and minimize that area. I just want to pull on a pair of jeans and a cute T-shirt and not worry about bulges and bumps.
    * I have had two back surgeries and I know that the lighter I am, the better my joints will feel. Especially in 10 or 20 or 30 years.
    * I want to wear boots that zip up over my calves.
    * I want to wear all my gorgeous lingerie

  • nyqueensguy
    nyqueensguy Posts: 100 Member
    I have a unique one. I suffer from extreme cramping of my muscles when I do any physical labor after remaining sedentary for awhile. Its a problem that has gotten worse with age, and the only cure I have found is regular exercise. Then there are of course the other hundred reasons I want to stay in shape, not the least of which is to be able to support my family.
  • missjones513
    missjones513 Posts: 345 Member
    1. Feel more confident
    2. Being more active
    3. Avoiding diseases that run in the family
    4. More clothing options
  • SpleenThief
    SpleenThief Posts: 293 Member
    I'm going to leave my wife. I want to look good once I'm back on the market.
  • LastMinuteMama
    LastMinuteMama Posts: 590 Member
    I just want the clothes that I have to fit me again. I'm tired of having to wiggle into them and suck in my stomach to button them. I'm always throwing on a sweatshirt or sweater to cover myself. Enough already!
  • bigme3505
    bigme3505 Posts: 85 Member
    There the obvious reasons (look better, feel better, etc) but in the back of my mind is always my family history. Dad is diabetic with a host of health issues, mom has struggled with weight for many years, and both parents have had both knees replaced and suffer with arthritis. My genes seemed stacked against me, so I am going to do all I can to stay active and healthy.