I'm here to lose!

I know probably only like three people will see this and that's okay lol.

My goal is to lose 105lbs in a healthy way.

I need friends who are gonna be active on mfp and who will comment on my stuff, and won't mind me commenting on theirs (: Support is essential for my success and I want you to succeed as bad as I want ME to succeed!

A little about me: I write, paint, and draw. I am starting college in January. I want to be a mental health counselor. I lost about 60 to 80lbs back in 2013 but I had exercise bulimia. So I'm a little scared to get carried away with counting calories again but I haven't found any other way that works for me. So! I just have to be careful.

Tell me a little about you! Add me and feel free to shoot me a message! I'm going to start logging in the morning. (:


  • rnohou2010
    rnohou2010 Posts: 271 Member
    Welcome to the boards! Now you know that at least one person saw your post, lol. I have struggled all my life with Binge Eating Disorder... have made good progress in the past five years or so, finally. Would be happy to share stories and support. I'll send you a friend request.
  • Mopar88
    Mopar88 Posts: 54 Member
    Make that two!
    I too have struggled with binge eating. I've lost 60+ lbs and have about 30-40 to go. Feel free to add me. :)
  • the_catalpa
    the_catalpa Posts: 8 Member
    Hi there! I hope you are able to succeed - it's great that you're motivated. I'm trying to get back in shape myself, and it's really tricky to get back in the habits and routines that allow me to hit my goals - I'm hoping I can get some extra motivation myself by getting involved in the community.
  • ktripathi992
    ktripathi992 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi there.
    Like some of my other friends here I too have been binge eating and gained a lot of weight. Recently joined myfitnesspal and lost 2 kgs. I want to continue further and lose as much as possible in a healthy manner. I think having an accountabilitybuddy will help us keep ourselves motivated to a greater extent.

  • Wii_Player
    Wii_Player Posts: 984 Member
    Hello and welcome. I am a business analyst who enjoys to ice skate, read, play all sorts of games, do puzzles, loves nature; just the small and simple stuff. I lost 40 pounds so far and want to lose another 91 pounds. I am here on a daily basis.
  • JanelleG0122
    JanelleG0122 Posts: 323 Member
    Hey! Welcome to MFP. I also have quite a bit of weight to lose. I'm at about 205 with a goal of 125 or so. I already lost almost 40 lbs through MFP, and I have found it quite useful. I at one time got quite crazy with counting calories and wouldn't take vitamins because they had calories. I've learned now that it's okay to go over a little bit, and it's okay to have high and low days. If you want feel free to add me. I post almost daily, and try to respond to people as much as possible.
  • feebeesays
    feebeesays Posts: 7 Member
    Thank you all SO much for your responses and support! I struggle with binge eating disorder too. That's how I got so heavy early in life and got heavy again after I recovered from my exercise bulimia. It sucks to start over but I know that I need to do this for my health. I've added you all! :)
  • Timshel_
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    You are SUCH a LOSER! Props. :):p

    You got this.
  • chulipa
    chulipa Posts: 650 Member
    I have over 100 lbs to lose i have lost 39 so far you can add me but it would be nice if you opened your diary
  • Amberleah21
    Amberleah21 Posts: 55 Member
    Hi, emotional eater here. I've lost and gained several times over the years. But this time is different. I've got the community this go around and it has helped so much so far. Best of luck to you all. Add me as a friend if you like.