Energy Drinks

What type of energy drink is the best?


  • DaddieCat
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    Define best.
  • pinggolfer96
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    COFFEE!!! Lol jk

    On a serious note, if you want flavor and zero go with monster. They're not that strong though. If you want something strong, id go with one of those off brands that no one ever really drinks. They might taste horrible, but if you want a kick, I'm sure they will do it:p
  • thereshegoesagain
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    I don't like coffee or soda so I drink 1 sugar free red bull about 30 minutes before a workout. It doesn't have a ton of caffine in it, but gives me enough of a boost to push harder.
  • Michael190lbs
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    I do C4 pre workout its the F-ing BOMB and a real wake up at 5am!!!! I like the zero calorie energy drinks here and there but coffee is my first choice
  • msf74
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    What type of energy drink is the best?

    In what context? In other words what are you hoping to achieve by consuming them?
  • gothchiq
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  • QueenKristine77
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    coffee and tea
  • Azexas
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    What type of energy drink is the best?

    The best for what exactly?
  • cannedgoo
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    I like the Monster Rehabs, which are a tea+lemonade(or limeade or what have you) for 20 cal a can. They aren't super strong but I like them better than any other energy drinks on the market, and they aren't carbonated.
  • jenathp
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    Be careful with energy drinks, they can give you kidney stones. They do it to me....and if you've never had a kidney stone they hurt like hell.
  • cityruss
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    I don't know about 'best' but I prefer Monster absolute zero, or the new to the UK 'ultra' range.
  • AnvilHead
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    My favorite energy drink is coffee. Can't stand any of the energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster, etc. - they all leave me with a nasty metallic aftertaste like I'd been sucking on a penny or something. I always laugh at the people who get up on a pedestal and proclaim how dangerous and bad for you soda (or diet soda) is, then suck down an energy drink. LOL.
  • kstar191
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    Yerba Mate. It's a tea. One bottle has 140mg of caffeine.
  • DisneyDude85
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    +1 for coffee :)
  • MsJulesRenee
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    edited October 2015
    RedBull Sugar Free (light blue trim). Don't get the zero calorie one (yellow trim)!! It tastes like liquid chapstick.

    And of course coffee..