My One Year Journey

Well this is actually a story that takes place before I got into MFP, I actually barely used this thing until now because I'm getting more strict with my diet. However I can say that before I started lifting I was a scrawny kid and it actually impacted my confidence in a negative way. Just last year I decided I didn't want that anymore, so I started lifting weights. My max on bench went from 125 to 220 lbs in the first year. My bench is pretty good considering I weigh around 132 at the moment, but my goal isn't to get stronger. I want to get bigger, and so far I've made great progress in that aspect. Anyone who's ever decided to start lifting to work on their physique will know how it feels when I say people notice, and the random compliments you get and comments on how "buff" or "different" you are feels damn good. Anyway I thought I would just post this to let others know that getting that body you want is achievable and it's closer than you think. So don't give up. If a year ago I saw myself now I would probably be shocked and amazed. Every future and current lifter will know what I mean once they get to that one year mark.