Nurses or nursing students unite!

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Hi guys! I'm currently in nursing school, scheduled to start my first semester with clinicals this September (I could not be more nervous! o_o ) and graduate in Dec 2016 (hopefully I'm not jinxing myself here lol). In the future I was thinking of doing traveling nursing and later on going back to specialize in forensic nursing, but one step at a time right?! Anyways, I was thinking it'd be really cool to make some friends who are nurses or are in school like me (: My MFP goals are to lose weight and get more athletic. Post if you're in school or working, (what your specialty is if you have one, where you wana specialize in the future,ect.) your mfp goals and anything else you wana add ^^ Everyone feel free to add me as well.


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    I'm a CNA working to get into the nursing program for pediatrics.. I think lol. But congrats on getting in! I'm sure you'll be fine!
    I'm here to lose around 55 pounds to become more comfortable in my skin. Plus who doesn't want to be a successful woman in a bikini?
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    P.S How on earth did you pass the TEAS test?! I feel that it's so hard to study for lol, it makes me soo sleepy!
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    I have been a nurse, specializing in pediatrics, for 10 years. I did private duty nursing for terminally ill severe special needs peds (birth-5yrs) until I moved. Now I am a school nurse in a school with a very large special needs department - gtube feedings, trachea cares, etc
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    Congrats on starting nursing school! I have been a registered nurse for 24 years. The last 22 years have been in Labor and Delivery. I truly have been blessed to do a job I love. I don't understand why as nurses we take care of others easily, but we don't take care of ourselves. Well I'm changing that and I hope other nurse will too! Best of luck to you!
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    Hi, I just started my last year of nursing. I graduate in June 2016 :). I'm not sure what I want to specialize yet since I have enjoyed all my clinical rotations. I'm starting to use MFP again with the goal of losing 40lbs and keeping them off. Feel free to add me. Good luck with clinicals
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    Graduating Aug. 2016!!!!! and can't keep these lbs off during my trimesters.
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    I just finished school for CNA and I'm taking my test next Saturday. I know it can be physically demanding. I want to get back into shape and lose weight!
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    Hey, I'm just about to start 2nd year Children's Nursing. I was doing really well keeping the weight off until I got to the 12 hour shifts! Love them but boy, all I wanted to do was eat junk. Hope I can think of alternatives for this year! Feel free to add me and good luck! :)
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    I'm a high acuity med-surg nurse, working 3 12s at a go. Gained 10 lbs the first year of employment, so minor meal choice changes and increasing my activity between work days has really helped.

    A lot of people don't realize how draining 12s are, at least in inpatient care (I've never worked outside inpatient care but I imagine it's still exhausting). Finding the motivation and energy to workout after 3 days on is a bear of a task.
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    Hey everyone! I'm a ER Travel Nurse currently in San Francisco and have been a nurse for 3 years - hoping to find some fellow nurse friends to help keep me accountable. Travelling and weight loss have been extremely difficult - so many new things to try and it's so difficult to do my weekly meal prep since I'm somewhere different every other day. Oh yeah, and exercising .. well on my days off, all I want to do is sleep lol Add me! :smiley:
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    Hi I am an OR nurse for 13 years. I enjoy going to the gym and taking zumba classes.
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    BSN RN checking in. I'm a nursing supervisor in a pediatric nursing facility. Before that I was a residential nurse working with adults with developmental disabilities. I've been debating going back to school to get my psychiatric nurse practitioner license.
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    I've been an LPN for three years. I work at a correctional facility. My goal is to lose 10lbs and tone up for vacation in May. Scrubs are very forgiving.
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    Hi everyone I'm Kelly a home care hospice case manager RN. I used to work on a short stay rehab unit doing patient care working 12 hour shifts. At the end of the day I would check my steps and have 11000 -15000 steps a day. Now I'm lucky I get 5000 a day. To much sitting and driving than sitting and talking to patients and families. It's a great career yes but I feel like I'm going to become so lazy. I'm trying to step up my game with exercise. It's very hard. I understand how exhausting 12 hour shifts are but it was actually better for my diet and exercise. I was more active lol. Always something right lol. Trying so hard to not becime to sedentary. Need motivational pushes lol
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    Hi everyone! I'm a nursing student wanting to lose 30 pounds. Feel free to add me, definitely in need of motivaters!
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    Hey! I'm a psych RN in an inpatient facility for children with severe sexual trauma. I work 12 hour shifts. Stress is high but I love it. I've lost 25 pounds and have 40-50 to go. I don't cut out anything, still enjoy eating out, chocolate, wine, ect. Just stay within my calorie goal. Feel free to add me :)